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What is the happiest moment or event in your life?

If my "darkness" post has shown me anything it's that I'm not alone and there are some bonafide badass warriors and survivors on this site.

On the other side of darkness is light. At the end of every storm is a clearing and a calmness. The smell after a storm against the backdrop of a clear sunny day.

I asked you to share your darkness. Now share your light. Do you have a happiest experience?

ScienceBiker 8 Jan 6

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I was in the delivery room for all 3 of my kids. Not easy to do while you are in the Navy. So I saw them first before their mother did. They are adults now but still my little babies.


When I rode a bicycle across the state of Michigan. I felt like it was a great adventure and it gave me a great sense of accomplishment.


Wow.... Many, many moments ....After the birth of my children,that moment when it is over,when nothing hurts any more, a bliss,nirvana, laughing and crying.... it was like a clear sunny day!!!!
And nursing.....The Most fuzzy warmest feeling in the world....everything fades away, it could be apocalypses outside I do not mind, so far we are together!
Divorce papers in the mailbox!
When I watched my firstborn singing at the high school play....I laughed and cried at the same time! Like she was singing just for me!
When I graduate from massage,bosnian refugee, Made it....trough all tests and Latin words, weekends of study, work, divorce, loneliness..... I made it!
And finally The day I changed the way I talk to my self!!!!! Since than every day is The happiest day of my life!!!!!


When I was in college and spent the day in Pisa, Italy and took the train back to Rome with three friends at the time. Ended the night with wine, bread and cheese and more wine leading to a crazy game of strip hearts? I think?


I have had happy experiences ,but unfortunately for me ,nothing stands out that I could say was the happiest experience


The day I became a Martial Arts Instructor and opened my own business. After 32 years of being an iron worker I retired, It was unbelievable that I never had to be 30 stories up in the freezing cold under dangerous conditions in Manhattan anymore . I thought I would miss it but I did not.


The day i finally got the courage to come out of the closet and live my truth!


The happiest moments in my life have centered around carrying and giving birth to, then nursing my two kids. Nothing else like it in the whole world.

  1. Birth of my son (nothing will ever replace that!)
  2. Marriage to wife
  3. Divorce from wife (became Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde)

being let in with the elephants at London Zoo


Has to be during my unplanned vacation from Texas to Wyoming. I was arriving in Denver around 9pm (driving the whole way) and needed a place to sleep. I was practically broke for the trip so hotels were a no go. I found a campsite in the mountains on my maps so proceeded through the most ridiculously difficult mountain roads until I found my stop. Checked in for $5 and parked my truck. When I woke up it was gorgeous. I was right by a lake and didn't realize it the night before. Mountains surrounded the spot along with tall forests. The next day I stopped at Teton, grabbed my hiking gear and made my way up the mountain. I only went a few miles in but was surrounded by awe the whole time. The natural beauty was enough to make me feel like I've already led a fulfilling life.


I use a high school memory when I meditate. I went swimming in the pond below our cabin. The temperature was perfect and there was not a cloud in the sky. After swimming I laid down in the grass and let the sun dry my skin. For some reason the sun felt so damn good that day.


Well, there are many to think about and I have to say that there are two that spring to mind and they are simple but exhilarating. When I passed my motorcycle test and when I learned to ski. There are other more noteworthy moments but I think that those two will suffice.


My happiest moment was small. I went camping at Bear Lake near Baldwinsville, New York. I woke up early on a chilly April morning. Loons were calling to each other across the lake. Tiny fish were splashing about, creating ripples as the sun chased away the early mist. That was my happiest moment. A moment that was just there to "be".

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