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Can you all deal with an atheist Nichiren Buddhist?

Having just heard of Occam's Razon for the first time, in my sophomore year of college, I asked myself, "Going forward, what difference -- if any -- would a belief in God make in my behavior?" The immediate answer was, "None," so I dropped the belief.

Buddha was not some god. He taught a technology for living that I find useful. It also provides me with a community where I can learn more about the technology.

(I joined SGI-USA when I was 52.)

So . . . . does that make me a suitable candidate for membership in this community?

Marcia_OH 3 Jan 6

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Despite being aware that certain branches of (japanese) buddhism will feel offended, I have to say that, what little I know of buddhism has a more philosophical quality about it. so, welcome 🙂


Agnostic atheist Buddhist here. Nichiren looks interesting to me (currently studying Tibetan + Dzogchen + Theravada). I like "technology for living" much better than "neither a religion, nor a philosophy". 🙂

Hey your birthday is the day after mine!


Have you read Dude and the Zenmaster. It's a discussion of philosophy with a Zenmaster and Jeff Bridges in character as the Dude.


I am ignorant of the philosophy of Buddhism. I intend to educate myself one day. I asked a friend about his experience once and love his answer. I hope it is not offensive. He told me it is very effective for his peace of mind once he was able to reconcile learning moderation and self discipline from a 600 pound man.


Chanting Na Myu Ho RenGye Kyo does not negate Atheism unless one is expecting miracles.'s no different from singing meaningful songs that lift our hopes up higher to get over feelings of adversity


We love atheist Buddhists, but if you were an atheist Christian we would wrestle you to the ground and muzzle you. 🙂

skado Level 9 Jan 7, 2018

sorry no , you'd never withstand the initiation


Welcome, for sure.


Did not think there was a prerequisite just enjoy join in read.


As far as I am concerned, yes.


I don't see why not. Welcome.

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