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Lapidary thread!

Though I've been collecting rocks for a couple decades, I've only been cutting them for about the last 3 years or so. Photos of some of my work are attached.

Anyone else cut stones? How long? Do you have a specialty?
What are your most and least favorite to work with?

Anyone that doesn't cut stones have questions?

d_day 7 Jan 6

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Another lifetime ago used to LOVE frequenting a mom & pop lapidary . Unfortunately the couple passed away and had no children to pass the business on. Beautiful beautiful stuff they had. Oh how I miss hanging out in there and buying little things like carnelian, moonstone cabachons et al for little projects.
There is nothing like that here when I'm at now, that I'm aware of anyway.

Very cool hobby.

There are probably several around your area. I know there's a whole mess of mines in your state.


I have tons of petrified wood on my property thought of doing something like that. Also have a few that I question if they are meteorites have not yet figured what to do with them as to cash in on them, without getting short changed.

Post some pics of your suspect meteorites and I'll take a crack at and ID.


Nice work!! I haven't cut any yet but I have all of my grandpa's equipment, he was a lapidary. I did silver work but right now i buy my cabochons.

Buying your cabs is probably the best way to go, unless you're working with really high dollar material. The labor time it takes to make a nice cab is usually far outweighed by what you can sell them for.

@d_day yes unfortunately I am sure that is true, I mostly want to do it because my grandad did....I have some of his rough, including a stunning piece of peanut wood that I would love to make jewelry with.

@amateurstargazer Peanut wood is neat stuff. I've not worked with any but I've seen some beautiful pieces made from it. The Quartzsite show is going on right now, so I may pop over and pick some up if the Aussies have any this year.

@d_day I'm so jealous!!!!! I would love to go to that show!!!


There's just something about rocks I find alluring. It would be interesting to know if anyone else noticed a familial connection.

P.S. I agree. Beautiful work.

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