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Is capitalism just a pathological form of hunter gathering?

Emile 5 Jan 7

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Capitalism is the greatest tool ever created by Mankind. A select few, the entrepreneurs, take the risks...while a bunch of whiny children cry how unfair it is that the select few were successful...and steal their stuff for the express purpose to punish them.

Nope, that's ignoring the bade drive.

Base drive, damn auto correct.


when it comes to greed it seams so, i defend it, it gives incentive to get ahead, rather than the communist way. the problem is greed and corruption not capitalism, it should have laws protecting the workers and the poor, coupled with social programs.

Modern society needs a 'reward system' not an exploitation model.

thats what i just said.

The laws regarding unbridled capitalisim are woefully inadequate. Tax laws are easily skirted. As you say workers rights should be enshrined in law, instead their rights are being reduced, even in Australia where we have a minimum wage.

yes i know all this, why i am a sanders supporter. i did not say the system was not corrupt in the usa. . i have friends in perth and melbourn. i am aware of there living conditions. capitalism works when laws are in place that protects the workers and the middle class.


it's definitely the religion of the moment given money doesn't even exist. we believe hook line and sinker.


I wonder did the 19th Century liberal economists misappropriate the works of Charles Darwin to cloak what would have otherwise been deemed as reprehensible economic practice? Did they take excerpts and phrases such as 'survival of the fittest' out of context of a much broader picture and narrow it down to justify unfettered greed?

Yes they appropriated and distorted
" survival of the fittest"


Politics the Greeks elaborated on this philosophy. It is more complex than just a form of survival it is a form of control. Without control complex societies could not exist. The unfortunate effect is that certain groups of people feel a need to control the tools that perpetuate a thriving society (money) again a control factor. The only way to escape the protocols of capitalism or socialism communism is to go live in an island far away from influence.


That's a pretty good analogy. The most notable difference is hunter-gatherer societies tend to limited by the technology available to them to only take what they need - so, for example, the tribal hunting party will only kill one or two deer, because by the time they've managed to do so the rest of the herd will have run away (some people like to say hunter-gatherers are wise and consciously only take what they need. In some cases, this may be true; however, we can see from some examples, ie Native American hunters driving a herd of buffalo into a gully and then killing the entire herd, that in at least some cases this wasn't always the case).

Nowadays, "killing the entire herd" (used here as a metaphor for using up everything that's available) is relatively easy with technology, and capitalism's growth at any cost simply isn't sustainable on a finite planet.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 7, 2018

Yes, look at all the extinctions that occurred only decades after the arrival of humans in many countries.


The sickness cannot be fixed until stock owners in a corporation are held personally accountable for every criminal and civil action brought against that corporation in court. Every asset owned by a stockholder should be at personal risk; not just the money invested in that stock.

fantastic comment . you're so right. only then will the board rooms develop a conscience



Also, for clarity the American system is nowhere near capitalism. Capitalism implies a separation of government and industry. This thing where business owns the government is oligarchy leveraging whatever the supposed original economic system was in the region. As @macrobius said, every system we've implemented has gone south.

Yep. We've got good old crony capitalism here. Corporate welfare is very real and more people need to understand what it is and why it's bad for everyone.


No. It is bartering extended by an arbitrary mechanism of holding value.

I capitalises, ( collects) at the expense
of entire groups.
The primitive equivilent, the one that catches the most gains authority and mating rights. Both climb over the meek to get their way, both use their gained power to exploit.

Both capitalise ( for the beginning sentence) pardon.


Pure capitalism where businesses cannot engage in anti-competitive practices and must survive on their own merit absent government intervention is a bit of a fairy tale. It's about as practical or viable as true anarchy or pure Marxist communism. The critical element, as others will undoubtedly point out, is the human element. Any theoretical system of governance or commerce works just fine until you add humans to the mix.


Yeah and also of collectors and selfish hoarders.

@MrLizard I was referring the mass of wealth for the sake of collecting wealth in lieu of poverty around you. Was not referring to the hobby of collecting. If you are a collector you are not hoarding.

@MrLizard There was a "favorite" band of mine in Australia... "Hunters and Collectors" circa Midnight Oil times.

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