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What are your predictions for the next ten to twenty years?

With automation, outsourcing, online grocery shopping, and online medical assistance etc.
How do you imagine the future of our society will look?

Betty 7 Jan 7

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I imagine a world filled with nanotechnology and kinda world.

No people at all?

@Betty Well, I'm sure there would still be some people left, afterall I imagine not everyone would be aboard with such concepts.


Would there be a possibility of a resistance?

@Betty Very likely...


Increasing worldwide political unrest? Definitely. The planet running out of resources from overpopulation? Not going to happen. There is so much unnecessary waste of food, fuel, and other resources driven by the seeking of profit in our current form of capitalism that the problem won't be a lack of resources, but rather a worsening of the imbalanced distribution of resources we see today. Changes in technology will make many jobs disappear, but just like every single time in history when technology has made some jobs obsolete that same technology will create new employment opportunities. Advances in automation (of which robots are a fraction of the potential job disruption) will result in the rise of more diverse "cottage industries" as the ability to make complex machines and electronics, which is already within the reach of hobbyists, will exponentially grow and lead to an explosion of small businesses and local craftspeople. Smart phones are pretty much at their peak right now. Soon wearable technology (think Google Glass that looks like fashionable sunglasses and advanced smart watches) will start being commonplace, and within a decade after that will be the direct interfaces to the nerves of our ears and eyes. Hopefully we can weather the coming political upheaval without too much military action. Unfortunately there is mounting evidence that climate change has already passed a tipping point, but hopefully we can mitigate the damage and adapt our lifestyles and industry quick enough to reduce the potential mass hardship. We are an ingenious species, and barring an extinction level event I'm pretty confident we can weather the coming storms. But I am skeptical that we will be facing an easy road ahead.

I hope you are right about adaptability. πŸ™‚


People will still be glued to their phones-will probably have visual phone capability. Have to look perfect to talk on phone. If you've read Farenheit 451 or seen the movie we'll have television size screens with live chat by the actors to the audience in their homes. More jobs will be automated-less fast food jobs. If retail stores still exist they will be totally automated as well. Everyone will have to learn to use the computer to survive. More items made with 3D printers.

It will be interesting to see how technology will advance in the next 10 to 20 years. πŸ™‚


A major increase in law enforcement jobs because crime is going to elevate. With companies being forced to go green the jobs are going to be fewer companies will fold or move. The guy out there in the ozarks that exploited the bacteria that can replace petroleum becoming a billionaire. Holographic tv projections are on their way to the general public your doctor will be able to visit you in your home. Would like a cursor lock on computers to help prevent cyber theft. Stem Cell research, exploited so people with medical problems and missing appendages and organs replaced. 3D printers becoming more advanced so you can order thing and they are constructed before you eyes.

I can imagine it. It will be interesting to see how much will pan out over the next couple of decades. πŸ™‚


I think there will be massive protests and revolutionary movements. Including the good old USA
A lot of underground movements

So the west will be more like the middle east is now?

@betpaq I'm afraid so...


Not something to look forward to. 😟


North Korea will collapse socially and politically, the world population will become too high for the earth to safely support, the temperature will melt the ice caps completely and coastal cities around the world will be flooded. Countries in the far North like Germany, Poland and Russia will become temperate, not cold. Areas in the United States will become too hot to grow crops. Hot areas of Central America, South America and Africa will become too hot to support life (human or animal).

Sounds almost like the apocalypse. 😟

It might well be. Technically, the earth won't be uninhabitable, but hundreds of millions if not more will die as a result of starvation, disease, drowning or simply of being crowded into homeless shelters.


The number of homeless has increased over the last few years and shelters have been turning people away. In this cold snap, we are experiencing there have already been many deaths. Heartbreaking.

I don't doubt it. Increase in illness, whether mental or physical and a lack of care for the poor (compliments of the Republican Party) will likely continue to lead to a growing homeless population. This will create an increased problem.

Homeless shelters are already overcrowded. What will happen when people who used to have homes no longer do because they were middle or lower-middle class and were forced out due to rising sea levels? They're homeless and they're now on the street inland. It gets coldish in the winter and they need a place to stay. They either die of hypothermia or crowd into an already overcrowded homeless shelter.


betpaq will upload a photo

A photo of what?

@betpaq your lovely countenance, of course.


Curious are you?

@betpaq Sure, Betty.


You commanded and you received. πŸ˜›

@betpaq requested. Dear.


Places like this will bolster a revolution of consciousness for the good of everyone and everything.

I hope so.


Technology will be less detrimental to health. Advancements in AR tech will build the foundations for outdoor video games and VR will give the layman the opportunity to explore space with NASA and other companies. Successful missions to mars will inspire a new generation of scientists.

Such positive thinking. πŸ™‚


a gradual eroding of connectivity between people at large and a possible major downturn in the economies. on the bright side a smaller prison population and a greater role for women [ as we guys have made a mess of it for the most part], an end to the syrian civil war and a curtailing of the power of the saudi royal family [who are funding religious turmoil all over the planet

So there is a bright side to the dark cloud. πŸ˜€


a huge violent change in the human world

Oh! I do hope you are wrong but I'm afraid you just might be right. 😟

so do I on both counts


Ever watch Pixar's Wall-e?
Pretty much sums up a lot of what is happening (trashing the planet, obesity, automation) or the direction earth/earthlings is headed.

Haven't seen it. What kind of movie is it?

@betpaq []


How many movies are there in the collection?

@Betty it's just one animated movie.


Okay, I'll check it out. πŸ™‚


Lazy, lazy, lazy. Spoiled to the point of Really being lazy and useless without technology. Those with 20th century background will survive no matter what.

Do you think tech will be destroyed?

@betpaq like the trailer park after the tornado.... we will rebuild.


Are you planning to be one of the survivors?

@betpaq As I expect the sun to come shining again after the mess. Survive is what we do in this plane. I expect you to be around too.


Oh, no doubt. πŸ˜‰

@betpaq That's the spirit.


I predict that I’ll get older, my back will hurt more, my daughter will grow up, my cat will die, I’ll go back to college, I’ll buy a new car and ...... space aliens will invade Botswana led by Jesus dressed like Odin riding an 8 legged mechanical horse.

I do like your sense of humor. πŸ˜€

You’re most kind.


Interesting question. Automation is going to be the biggie, I think, and could lead us down one of two paths - the first, likely to happen in the more progressive countries, is that the government will realise it's impossible for all adults to be employed at all times and introduce a guaranteed citizens income allowing people to work as and when they wish, or to devote their lives to other purposes. The other, likely to happen in countries such as my own, is that the wealthy continue to own the means of production and automation pushes the non-wealthy workers out of the equation altogether, thus dramatically reducing any chance they have of improving their lives.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 7, 2018

I agree with the last part of your comment. It is the more likely outcome. With the earth's population over the 7 billion mark now in 10 to 20 years, I think assisted suicide will be one of the ways governments will encourage a culling.

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