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Who do you listen to that makes sense?

This lady has good instructions to help a person understand. I've learned a lot from her.

Watch "Omni-Not" on YouTube

BucketlistBob 8 Jan 7

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I always though Carl Sagan made a lot of sense. I'm sorry he's gone.

I Agree with Carl Satan. I found that this lady really knows what she's talking about.


Good video-thanks for sharing @BucketlistBob . Great to have you back!

Yea!!! The first time I saw her I thought whats this! I'm glad I watched her. This young lady is awesome...


Jordan Peterson has an excellent series on the significance of the Biblical stories. Don't be fooled though, he's agnostic.

What did you think of her?


The Beatles


My four-year-old grandgirl. She is wise beyond words.


My ex wife but mind you I am aware that her goal is to keep me alive so she can continue receiving half of my military pension. She used to skydive so once she remarried her husband forbid her from skydiving. And yes even remarried she receive half of my pension. As far I am concerned she earned it. No problem there.


My animals, if my problem is so big that I need advice I put the problem in a preverbale nut shell and ponder how the animals would deal with it. Basically I am troubleshooting. When I do this I come to the understanding how the Asian watched the animals to create the different martial art disciplines.

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