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Are you spiritual?

I've heard the phrase" I am spiritual" several times over the past few days, mostly from those that identify as non- religious and some agnostics.

For those that identify as spiritual, what do you mean by this?

Chephren 4 Jan 7

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Ok, so I'm going to ask that anyone who comments REALLY reads this post carefully, cause I'm going to be a little vulnerable here.

When I was in a church that believed in things like prophecy etc. I functioned in that role sometimes. Now there is generalized bullshit that gets passed off, just like there are con artists who pose as psychics that just play people, but I've experienced genuine moments. I'll give some specifics.

I looked at a complete stranger and knew she had a back injury and where. Another time I was able to pinpoint the location of a woman's tumor when she wasn't in the room by touching her son. I knew a strange woman was both pregnant and being abused. These are really specific and accurate things I couldn't possibly know about total strangers, and importantly, it didn't go away when I left Christianity.

So here's the thing. When these moments have happened it feels like I'm connected to something huge, but it's something not someone. And I can't force it to happen even if I want to.

There was a study recently that showed trees communicate and share resources through their root systems. Brain scans of meditating monks show activity in normally unused portions. I think there is something that connects us all, that sometimes we can touch briefly, but just don't have the technology yet to see or measure.

How much of our current technology would have looked supernatural to earlier centuries when really it just utilizes what's already in place? In my opinion, we use the term spirit for a kind of energy we don't yet understand.


Define "Spiritual."

I'm spiritual in the sense that I have an awe and wonder of Nature, our existence, and the existence, grandeur, and vast expanse of the observable Universe. So many unanswered questions.. but I'm okay with that. There are things beyond our understanding.


I love science, but when science can't explain something it makes me wonder if there might be a spiritual world after all. Take 'Luck' for example, what the hell is luck, and why does 'third time lucky' seem to work sometimes ?


Being Spiritual for me is being in tune with your natural surroundings. I see myself as Spiritual without being Religous, not sure if there is a true definition of Spiritual to be honest I see it as personal. I am a caring person by nature who looks to help others in a non judgemental way and respects others for their beliefs.

I haven't come across a true, or solid definition of the term spiritual as it seems to mean different things for different people; honestly, I'm just curious as to what it meant for people here.

"In tune with your natural surroundings". Just to clarify, do you mean awareness of your immediate environment? Or do you mean deriving pleasure from nature?...or both? or...neither, even.


I love rum


I had my own OBE where I felt what some have called, God. But to say what I experienced was a person, no.


I am a maybe kind of guy to many things. Is my will my spirit? Can I will myself to stick around here after my death? What for? To watch over my loved ones? I think maybe not.


Yes. I believe in magic, and am actually learning Witchcraft.

You guys will be the first to know.

I suspect you're being sarcastic, though, given that this is a site of skeptics.

Wasn't the "in" thing to do a few years back to spice up your sex life?

So, does spiritual, to you, mean a belief in magic?

@LucifersPen: Maybe. I'm not really sure.

@Chephren: Spiritual means to me anything that can't be explained by science. You could call it magical, supernatural, paranormal or whatever. But it amounts to the same thing.


I used to say I was more spiritual than religious. Now I'm not religious at all and probably not very spiritual.


I used to identify as spiritual, however freethinker fits the bill more.


I don't know.

Whenever I have asked somebody to define 'spiritual' they have been completely unable without talking complete nonsense or constantly using the spiritual or soul....

That's been my experience so far. I've seen the term used on here in a handful of threads, so I was hoping to get a more concise explanation of the term" spiritual" from an agnostic or non- religious point- of- view.

Quite. Some use empathy and then when you say this is a normal attribute for most people they try to move the goal posts, but have no idea where they are trying to put them!



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