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Humanity is now once again nearing a melting point in its history on all fronts related to human behaviour.The rich getting richer,the poor getting poorer and whats worse is that as the poor continue to become poverished the so called "Messengers of God" are now.once more on a recruiting frenzy using their book of manipulation and chronic belief rule book a.k.a the Bible to alure the desperate imporished and create an army of blind fanatical believers.And so I think then I saw the movie The Mist where the batshit crazy religious woman uses her dogma to control the weak minded and turn them against those who doesnt believe and it stiked me...what if one day soon,the religious gain total control of the goverments (Because most of them are now taking part in politics ) and start purging people like us? What shall we do in your opinion?

AronFajardo 3 July 19

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wait... you mean they haven't already done so?





I think the West's influence, where lack of belief in a god is prevalent, depends on its economic and political power. Those powers are waning. Nonetheless, I don't see a future for non-believers like the one envisaged for women in The Handmaid's Tale. While fear exists of African Christianity and Muslims coming to change the religious face of Europe, the Internet itself is probably making more progress for secularism and unbelief in their own countries. With a bit of luck, the Christian and Muslim extremists in America will cancel each other out.


There is always some religious mysticism to control what people do and think and they claim it "says so in the bibble." Having studied that book, at least enough to misspell it, I have others wanting to get me going abut Hawaii's volcanoes and various other crap happening worldwide. It's nonsense. A book of nonsense.
Currently the powers that be are using Donald Trump as an instrument as they desire to turn America into a theocracy. Apparently the rich want to get richer and have everyone feel justified for it. For many years to come they will continue to send us "thoughts and prayers" at needed times while we continue to believe it's all god's will.

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