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What invention doesn't get a lot of attention but has made a huge positive impact on the world?

MyLiege 7 July 19

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You didn't just go their!??!?

@Etre There?
Tampons are a great invention. Periods are natural and not an embarassing or taboo subject.


I know, just poking fun!! Tampons are important, I was once married. I never objected to going to the store for her. She had Indometriosis, so those times were difficult for her. I do not consider the matter a taboo subject, but rather a human one. I can see how my humor was missplaced, and I should have been more tactful. My apologies.

@Etre Endometriosis is terribly painful.
That was decent of you to help her out.
No worries about the comments.


duct tape



The toothbrush




Indoor plumbing

The Toilet An unspoken History:

The surprising truth of open defecation in India | Sangita Vyas | TEDxWalledCity:

Is India one of Trump's referenced 'shit hole countries'.




GPS, Glonas, and Galileo satellites


Homeless shelters.

@Omen6Actual Maybe some, but they are not all a joke. I happen to volunteer at one that has helped a lot of people start a better life.

@Omen6Actual I can't speak for Tampa, but the one I volunteer at is in Clearwater. They do background checks for people that are wanted. There are programs for people with substance and alcohol abuse.There is a classroom to get people to get a GED, there is a computer room for people to apply for benifits, or look for a job. There is a special program for vets. and many other things. and the staff and volunteers treat every one there with courtesy and respect.

@Omen6Actual On that I have to agree with you. I've nothing but horrible shit about the salvation army. At Pinellas Hope (that's the place Is am talking about) they take very special care for vets. and people are not all crammed into one big floor. There are little huts, or casidas I think they call them for every one. I'm sorry you had to go to a shit place like that you describe, I wouldn't want to go there either.

Oh, and the reason I volunteer there is that after I got out of the hospital i has homeless, and I got to stay here. I litteraly got to get back on my feet. and for that I always try to do my share of helping others.


Roads, sea travel, antiseptics, wheels on luggage and air conditioning 😀

Now just make those wheels and the luggage strong enough (but still lightweight) to allow use as a scooter. ?




Vaccination programs. We live in a world without smallpox. Amazeballs

Livia Level 6 July 19, 2018

Water heater. Access to running hot water is HUGE.


Holy water. To ward vampires that is.


The internal combustion engine.


written language

weeman Level 7 July 19, 2018

Milkshakes. Ever see anyone unhappy when having a milkshake?

@DotB Would a person having a Frappe get unhappy if someone called it a milkshake?


The Personal Computer in all its forms. Sure, everyone knows about them, but no one ever talks about how they have improved office efficiency and been so transformative in that area, and others. By extension, Smartphones, really a pocket-sized PC with a phone.


A/C electric as opposed to D/C electric. We do take our access to electricity for granted till it goes out.

Yes, Edison pushed for D.C. in the homes,but A.C. won out, as it's far cheaper to raise and lower A.C. than D.C. for transmissions lines.



azzow2 Level 9 July 19, 2018

Coffee grinder, matches, history books, dog collars (pets not vicars), dog collars (vicars not pets), plectra, tea cups, jigsaw puzzles, electric blankets, washing lines, plastic cutlery, scarves, door handles, traffic lights, TV remote controls, kinder suprises, toilet rolls...


The razor blade


Viagra was a moving development.

If you needed it..........

@Walter1968 -- Is that not the case for most things?


Central heating and air conditioning.


Tesla free energy systems.

Etre Level 7 July 19, 2018
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