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With a telecom shill currently leading the FCC, Net Neutrality has been effectively repealed. (There are court cases however that still need to be resolved before new rules take effect). I've been frustrated by many of my right wing and Libertarian friends that just don't seem to get it. They seem to think Google and AT&T are in the same business (Trump seems to think this too). They cry 'competition' and 'gov out of my computer' - I am a fierce proponent of Net Neutrality and qualify my position with over 16 years of network experience and 2 years of researching the telecom business in general (I was interested in a telecom startup). I would encourage all to write their congressman and ask for congressional over-ride of the repeal. What do you think?

RobCampbell 7 Jan 7

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Got my first computer a TRS 80 in 1980. Been thru computer school 4 times, 1989,1992, and 2001 and 2012. I agree with you on every point.


it 's been a fun ride. money talks again


Thank you ladies for responding to my post. I would further ask you if congressional support is simply out of the question, that you make at least some effort to correct the misinformation being publicized by the shills and lobbies when the opportunity arises. Especially what it isn't - managing the internet or that it stifles competition. Most people have no idea even what it is it seems.


Good idea..


My congressman is busy tickling the tonsils from the south end of the industry he does not have time to listen to me. I call regularly and voice my concerns, the clerk just says they'll be sure and let Reichart know of my concerns. I'm sure.


My congressman's head is so far up the ass of the industry it has disappeared. However, I have sent faxes and made calls. Won't go down without a fight.

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