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QUESTION Anthropology top findings 2017 - SAPIENS

Oldest Fossils of Homo sapiens Discovered in Morocco

An adult hominin’s fossil jawbone, found at the Jebel Irhoud site in Morocco, includes teeth similar to those of anatomically modern humans. The stratigraphic date of 300,000 years ago is surprising because, prior to this finding, the oldest Homo sapiens fossils—found in Ethiopia—date to about 195,000 years ago. The jawbone supports the emerging picture that H. sapiens was widely present across the African continent 100,000 years before suspected.

By zblaze7
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This means our descendants are older than the gods.


The problem with this hypothesis is that it is not supported by genetic research; all modern humans appear to have both Neanderthal and Devonian DNA. Only those from Africa process a third hominid DNA. This is very strong evidence that modern human evolved from an older hominid outside Africa then migrated back to the continent of origin of earlier hominids. Until evidence of modern humans of that 300,000 year age in south or central Africa is found I am inclined to believe the genetic evidence.

Discoveries That—If True—Astound Us

Two controversial findings will completely rewrite ancient history if they are substantiated.

Damaged mastodon bones in southern California dated to about 130,000 years ago are argued to be the result of humans smashing them with stones in an effort to extract the bone marrow. If shown to be the case, this finding would radically change the current archaeological consensus about the peopling of the Americas approximately 15,000–20,000 years ago.
A single Graecopithecus tooth from Bulgaria dating to around 7 million years ago might be from the earliest known hominid, and if so, it could suggest that hominids originated in Europe, not Africa.

@zblaze , I wish I could read your last paragraph for some reason it runs off the end of the page. That 130,000 yr. old blade cut bones is really interesting.

@HeathenFarmer It is at the end of the article in this post. Don't know why it posted like that.


read the book " sapiens" by harari. it's very informative




That is fascinating I just took a physical anthropology course and the 195,000 year old man is what they were teaching. I need to look in to this one. Thank you for the update.


I recently read about the discovery of fossils -baby- in old is assumed to be thefirst human to step on the "new world".

DUCHESSA Level 8 Jan 7, 2018

the infants they found?



Amazing as we rewrite the history books and teach in public schools the truth how long homo sapiens has been here-300,000 years.


Wow, pretty amazing! All those religious freaks are going to try to debunk it, or ignore it.

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