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Does Atheism Attract A Specific Political Affiliation?

I'm an Independent Party Member from NYC, now in Arizona. I'm conservative about spending, liberal about personal freedoms. I feel like I see mostly Democrats on Atheist Boards, but I'm concerned it's just my echo chamber of liberal friends and family. What is your political affiliation and if you want to leave a message, does being an Atheist affect your politics?

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Keita 5 July 19

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you'd THINK atheists would be democratic, or at least liberal, since the republicans play so strongly to the super-religious, and are so against human rights, including freedom from religion. that's not always how it works out though. people often do things against their own self-interest.



Since in the latest primary election here in Ohio I voted with a Green ballot , that would make me a registered Green . However , since I will in all likelihood be moving to Pennsylvania , where there are closed primaries , and parties and independents don't even have the right to cast an issues only ballot on primary election days , I intend to register as a Democrat .


I recently worked with a right leaning atheist. His political vie s baffled me. He defended Trump supporters because he cherry picked incidents where they were harrassed. I casually mentioned Charlottesville where a Trump ran over a bunch of people and that they were literally Nazis at the rally, but is was water off a duck's back. He perceived the harassment of Trump supporters be a higher number than violence against the anti-trump crowd, so it was more significant in his mind. No doubt he enters the echo chamber of right leaning news sources, but I don't know how he tolerates the Jesus talk by these same sources. Anyway, my point is that there are plenty of right leaning atheists. Apparently I was a Bernie bro because I had a bumper sticker. I know, edgy and clearly a legitimate target for the DNC.

dokala Level 7 July 21, 2018

Ahhhh yes....the we like our gays and weed....but fuck the poor type. We need a name for your y'all have a name? And that is a serious question because I'd like to avoid y'all too as I'm sure y'all would like to avoid my type. I'm a progressives btw.

I'm not saying this be rude, but I don't know if you're calling out someone specific or the group of responders as a whole.


  1. just come out and accuse me of being rude.... it's 2018....
  2. I'm speaking to ALL of those that follow that ridiculous idea that the poor are shit with their "fiscal conservative" aka we hate the poor and want to keep our privilege filth.

They need a name/label so I can go after them and their high horse. That kid of BS is in the global way of healing.

@MissaDixon I think the label you're looking for is Conservative.

I do consider myself fiscally conservative, but I do not believe the poor is at fault for being poor, and I do not think we should have as many poor people in this nation as we do and I do blame the greed of the wealthy for that.

As an example, In my state, the poor shoulder 3x the weight of the wealthy in paying taxes each year. That infuriates me and hearing politicians try to explain to me why that is a good thing for our economy assures me who I cannot vote for. I understand taxes must be paid in unless we plan on dissolving the government and I think a greater volume of taxes would be paid if the wealthy paid their fair share.

My interpretation of a fiscal conservative is that the government shouldn't spend more than it takes in. It creates a debt thrust be paid back.

How that works with my libertarian side, is that I believed that debt is modern day slavery, as it makes a person indebted to work with no enough money to afford to move, improved, or take on any of the American ideals, such as owning a home, or starting a family. Instead people are expected to work with high interest and low salaries, so their debt can get bigger and become a lifelong servitude aka slavery.

My liberal side says that looking for ways to keep poor people from changing their economic status is a form of oppression and acts negatively upon a Darwinian approach to the workforce. I want the best and the brightest and as a kid from the projects, I know it can be a kid from the projects and not a relative of Bill Gates with a liberal arts degree from Yale.

I can have all these sides and still call myself a fiscal conservative because I don't want the government to go broke by overspending.

However Right-Wing Corporate Conservatism puts too high a regard on businesses rights above individual rights. Flint Michigan is a good example of Big Business utilizing government control to hurt the populous and trample their liberties and health. If that is who you are referring to, I understand the animosity. They are dangerous to society and extremely well funded and organized.

I am very weary of generalizations because I don't want the innocent in the cross-fire. I hope I'm properly understanding you.

PS: You can be rude if you wish. This is just how I write. I was only trying to clarify because your brevity had me uncertain as to whom you were initially pointing out.


No worries it's 2018, we all get that we think each other are assholes from jump...I know I am.

So Conservative Libertarian is the name for that. Cool I'll go with it.


For those of us not in the USA this question is a bit irrelevant, we don’t tend to have the same kind of splits in our voting system. We tend to have left wing socialists, right wing fiscalists, left wing greens, right wing populists, and a few other parties, and always have coalition governments.

Denker Level 7 July 20, 2018

I don't have enough info on foreign politics to ask a multinational question, but for myself, I am highly curious about American Politics since I am American. However, you can always start the same questionaire with your own countries parties.
I'd advocate that, and would appreciate the ability to compare outcomes.


While I might have in the past decades had some open mindedness to a general fiscal responsibility message such as was typical of the R's of the times, the takeover of the Republican party by evangelical biblethumpers, evolution-deniers, anti-science people, and a bunch of geeks who want to get all up in everyone's vagina and rectum to monitor what is going on there has sent me fleeing firmly into the Democratic/Liberal wing of politics.


I'm registered as an Independent, but i lean left for most issues. I just refuse to vote Dem or Republican they are both the same.

Tejas Level 6 July 19, 2018

And yet, you won't find any diehard white nationalists or straight-up nazis on the Democratic ticket. And no, they're not hiding behind the sofa.

@GinaMaria No, Dems just have speech nazis and black hate groups along with crazy SJWs that are fighting for all the wrong social issues. Its easy to point out a small group with crazy beliefs in both parties, so lets not.


I'm agnostic. I'm a registered Democrat because of closed primaries in NY, but I lean further left than the Democrat Party. I like a lot of what the Green Party stands for and my ideologies probably fall more in line with a Noam Chomksy as a Libertarian Socialist or Anarcho Syndicalist.

I do believe that the left probably has more atheists when it comes to the general population/voters. I also believe that many politicians (on both sides) aren't really religious and just use religion to sway the voters.

Politicians appear to love the art of lying. Claiming Jesus is a simple way to gather the endorsements of the unintelligent. In other words, it's good for the numbers.

AronRa is running in Texas. He won't bow to anyone or any group. I'd love to see him win.

@Keita It definitely is. I am voting for some progressives in NY's state primaries (Sept. 13) and general elections (Nov. 6). They have been talking a good game. I hope I see them walk it too if I help get them elected.


I'm a conservative-leaning registered independent. I host a few conservative based groups on here if you are interested in joining. Good to see a fellow independent on here.


I am registered as a democrat, but can't say that I wholeheartedly support them. I loathe the republican party and what they have become and will vote for a republican candidate only if there is no viable alternative, which may actually happen in the next California gubernatorial election. I am deeply disappointed in the incompetence and ineffectiveness of the democrats today and have been looking for an alternative. I considered the Libertarians at one time, but now they are just another subsect of republicans so, no. Other parties are too single issue. Lately I have been looking at the modern Whig party as a possible alternative.


I’m a registered dem. But understand that both parties have flaws. Like you, I’m fiscally conservative but socially dem. I tend to vote dem. Bc they tend to be more towards letting people live their lives and make more sensible decisions when it comes to our environment.

corey6 Level 4 July 19, 2018

I like reason so I don't like politics.

mt49er Level 7 July 19, 2018

I was an Independent for over 30 years. I became an Independent because Reagan and the republicans pissed me off. Being an independent has accomplished nothing, so I switched back to effect change from within the party.


No, it doesn't. Not believing in a god is not tied to a political stance.

But it does show signs of reasoning and intellect. I'll let you take it from there.

@chucklesIII Not necessarily. What if someone was never introduced to the concept and never had to refute it?

@mattersauce I'd like to know where they live. I'd move there in a heart beat and wouldn't contaminate the climate by ever mentioning the "R" word.

@chucklesIII can't get there from here.

It doesn't have to be tied to still show a tendency. Just like gun control and abortions are not tied to any specific political party, but if you tell me you're a libertarian, I'd have an idea of how you'd probably sway. By getting a lot of people to answer, I can look at a pattern. In reality, I'm asking a bunch of nonreligious people what their political affiliation is, but also if their lack of faith swayed it.

ie: A former Jahovas Witness who left the faith and I'd ask if it changed their view on politics.

No one is wrong. I'm gauging opinions. So I'd say there is no definitive "No" because I'm asking for opinions not hard facts.


Never had political inclinations and most likely won't have any as long as my freedom isn't at stake.


I favor libertarianism and that sounds like what you are. I can’t select that option on your poll however because it is listed as “fringe” and is thrown in with some horribly distasteful parties.

I consider libertarianism as a prime example of a "horrible distasteful party." Of the many I have face to face debated who once promoted themselves as libertarianism, all have changed their position; and no. I have no interest in debating politics with you.


If this site is an indication, the vast majority lean left.

Or of the vocal minority it appears that way. I wouldn't let that sway me if it turns out to be true.

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