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QUESTION Religious liberty group says 'militant atheism' driving effort to remove cross

NEW YORK - Following pressure from two secular advocacy groups, a township in western Michigan is holding a public hearing over whether to remove a large cross on the shores of Lake Michigan honoring local explorer and Jesuit Father Jacques Marquette - an effort that one religious liberty group has criticized as another example of “militant atheism” in the United States.

By bryan10795
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The father was a christian, so a cross might be an appropriate symbol to remember him by. Wh designed the memorial and what was their symbolic intent?

Dwight Level 7 Jan 8, 2018

we have a church that rented their land to a telecom cell tower but had it made into a cross. huge 100 ft white cross right on the edge of the main entrance highway to toronto. medieval meets 21st century. so not good.


Interesting point of view from religious Catholics who defend the cross as being part of American history. Why not erect a statue of the man Jacques Marquette? More accurate than a crucifix.

I was born and raised in the shadow of that Marquette cross. Part of the rhetoric for keeping the cross is that it is a local tradition whereas a statue would not be in keeping with that tradition. Another argument is that Marquette "requested" that a cross be erected where he was buried. Note that Marquette's remains were removed after two years for internment at St. Ignace so nobody is buried at the site in question. I think one of the reasons why a cross was put there instead of a statue is that it was way cheaper to erect a wooden cross (it was wood when I was a kid) than it was to build a statue. Note that the existing structure is not a "crucifix", it is a naked Latin cross...two and one half stories high with its sandstone base...lighted at night.


Wah, wah, wah.

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