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QUESTION Michael Wolff Did What Every Other White House Reporter Is Too Cowardly to Do

All of Wolff’s excerpts from Fire & Fury so far (the book was rushed into stores today) read like jayvee fan fiction. They read like a pilot that Steve Bannon himself wrote, pitched to Hollywood, and had rejected 17 times over. They read, in short, like bullshit. And yet…Wolff has audio. He’s got hours upon hours of audio. Not only that, but the book has already caused legitimate upheaval in the administration, opened a permanent rift between President Trump and Bannon, AND it confirms what we have all always known to be true: that the president severely lacks the cognitive ability to do this job, and that he is surrounded at all times by a cadre of enablers, dunces, and outright thieves. As much as I wanna discredit Wolff, he got receipts and, more important, he used them. Wolff got it all. Wolff nailed them.

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I'm not sure its good to undermine a person with that much power at his disposal. Backing him into a corner could be bad for all of us . WHAT A MESS

you have a good point...I was just saying that today....he seems to be melting down...let's hope someone around him will stop him from doing anything drastic....ugh...oh man...can't believe the motley crew that we are counting on...ugh.


In an interview I heard him say he had audio. Has he let anyone hear it? Has he said he is willing to? Story telling is one thing, audio recordings are another.


Even if 50% of what Wolff writes is exaggerated or made up, it exposes two things that are undeniable:

  1. The WH let him in the WH to write his story! Through just a bit of flattery, Wolff got unprecedented access. Is this the sign of a political genius? 2) Their vehement knee-jerk reaction to what is revealed only furthers the book's veracity. To me, everything else is just whip cream and cherries. The stupidity and chaos of this administration has been difficult to hide, and they are not doing themselves any favors with each revelation. That alone is pure incompetence.

Well said Mr Pen!

And, like "the dossier" ,the majority of what has been looked into has been confirmed as true.


Unfortunately, there have been factual errors which Wolff has admitted to, and Bannon is making conciliatory comments toward 45. I'm afraid it's all going to amount to nothing, and 45 will continue to irreparably damage this country. I don't know why, but everyone around is either too scared or too stupid, to do anything about him.

The problem is with the two parties that run the country. There is no specific aim, no goal of service to the public or the country. They have become entities that are dedicated only to maintaining themselves, the heirarchy, the party. A robot could replace either of them.


Trump is an uneducated moron who feigns intelligence. This book is damning of this scary White House.

My sentiments exactly!

To put it simply, he, and the people he has chosen, have got in over their heads. Remember his comment about it being harder than he thought? He ran a great campaign. Campaigns are promotion, show business. Governing is another thing, with details and nuances.


It can't happen too soon!

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