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RandyWells 6 Jan 7

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Good one !


The majority of the population wants to live in lala land this is why reality tv is a hit. They can not accept the real a fantasy is more believable to many people. I often joke to my youngest brother that I am going to start a new religion just think of the amount of money you could collect on that. Call it the Raising of the Dragon makeup a ton of false statements brainwash a few government officials and wa la the birth of a new faith.


Mic Drop!


I always wonder what would happen with the world, if there was so much evidence that god did not exist, so much so that people had to now know that god does not exist and they could not ignore it. What would happen? Would there be mass caos, mass suicides, lots more war?

Sacha Level 7 Jan 7, 2018

And there ya go.

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