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Weddings in churches

I have quite a few friends that don't believe in a higher power, but still chose to have a wedding in a church. Without a belief in God, I can see little point in this. Maybe it's so the parents don't throw a fit? Maybe it's the classic wedding fantasy? What do you guys think about weddings in churches?

Labratthecattron 4 Jan 7

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Churches are so beautiful, but I personally would feel incredibly hypocritical if I were to get married in one -- exception being that if my spouse were truly religious, as long as my own beliefs were taken into consideration for the ceremony (guess that rules out the Catholic churches!)...


They might just not know how to have a wedding without having religion involved. I mean it was created by religion wasn't it? But you can still have it without a pastor and without a white dress and without the same vows and etc etc. I've done some looking up on all this so whenever I get married I will be prepared and know how to go about the wedding. It's going to be nerdy as hell when it comes to the vows. My dress is going to be blood red though. Because I look good in red. I would never have a wedding in a church, I want it out doors.


Married twice. Once outdoors the second time in a courthouse...


I will celebrate a Union, a communion of the Souls, Anywhere is celebrated I guess. It is not about me or my beliefs is about them and their union.


It only needs to have a point to the ones getting married.

One of my marriages was in a Unitarian meeting house, that we were not members of, but we just liked the building.

And as a musician, you sure don't have to be a believer to appreciate that many church buildings have awesome acoustics !

Do whatever works for YOU .


They are keeping their parents happy.

That's honestly that I think the case was.


Ugh.... Not for me, thanks. I can't imagine an "out" atheist or agnostic choosing a church wedding. I CAN imagine a closeted atheist or agnostic choosing a church wedding -- either out of fear of the fallout from the family -- OR because the family is paying for the wedding (or some combination thereof). The whole notion is just weird to me. I'd would look at my friend in that situation like he or she had two heads.

It was REALLY strange to see that group of people in a church. It felt like I was dreaming.


I think it is the fairy tale wedding that little girls have grown up with, at least in the US. And seriously churches are set up for weddings. Its traditional as well.


My sister is getting married and wants me there. She's a Xtian, and I'll burn if I go into one. I hope it's not a long ceremony.

It is your sister. You won't burn. Trust me. I read scripture at my daughter's wedding. For her. The ex's god did not strike me dead with a lightning bolt. I was rather disappointed. However, go, be nice, she is your sister and that is what we do for family. Be the bigger person.

Long ago I completely accepted that there WILL be times I have to be in churches -- weddings and funerals. However, I don't pray, kneel, etc. I am polite and try not to stand out in my non-participation in the rituals, but I choose to be true to myself first.

Also, if a public non-religious event was held at a church, I'd have no problem going.

@HippieChick58 so much of life is playing along, and what's the harm? Why ruin your daughter's day just to prove a point? Plus, sometimes personal irony is sort of funny. I mean, if I ever have to read from the bible in public, they're gonna think Charlton Heston has come back!

I almost told her, "I'll go to the next wedding." Then thought better of it.

you won't burn.

@BlueWave I agree. I went to a funeral about a year ago and felt awkward but persevered. The thing that bothered me was the guy wasn't religious but his wife wanted the service so I kept a low profile but after leaving I commented to the guy giving the service that he should be happy that the roof didn't fall in with me there.


Maybe they just like the space? Unless you are talkng about an actual religious ceremony

It was pretty Jesus-y.

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