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Funny not funny..

Have you ever sat in a comedy movie surrounded by people laughing, yet you fail to see the humor? What sort of humor gets a belly laugh from you and which turns you off?

AMGT 8 Jan 7

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Likes: George Carlin, quick-witted humor, outrageously bad puns, dark humor. Favorite TV comedies include Becker, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Fawlty Towers. Favorite movie comedies include Blazing Saddles, Airplane!, Life of Brian, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Dislikes: mean practical jokes -- pranks which cause considerable embarrassment or discomfort or pain to the person targeted.


I like absurdist comedy, such as Monty Python, The Young Ones, The Goodies, and the like.

I have also really enjoyed It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which I count as excellent absurdist comedy.


I know I'm in the minority, but I never thought "Seinfeld" was funny at all. Don't find movies like "Dumb and Dumber", "Ace Ventura", "There's Something About Mary", etc, and the like, funny either. Can't stand Ben Stiller or Will Farrell.
I'll stop what I'm doing to watch Monty Python, though. Or George Carlin.
Eddie Izzard is someone I'd love to see live. I've watched most of his stand-up specials multiple times. I find him hilarious.
I've had the amazing good fortune to get insulted by Don Rickles during a Vegas show, and I got to see Sam Kinison live. Even got to see Jay Leno live, back in the 80s when he was still funny.


Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, countless I like humor that makes me think.


Love the Office (and the US Office). Filmwise, I quite like Will Ferrell. Step Brothers, Other Guys and semi pro are incredible. There is a film by Ricky Gervais called the invention of lying. People on this site who like comedy films will love this film


Sometimes I like the silly stuff, but not very often.
I usually like more cerebral stuff that pulls you into it, like you're a participant.

I remember going with a friend back in the day to see Airplane!.
It was the stupidest film I've ever seen.


Comedy is best, I think, when jokes are unexpected. Sometimes I find something funny, but no one else does (I once went to a comedy club in Syracuse, and did not laugh once the entire evening...I thought some of the jokes were clever, but nothing was laugh-out-loud funny)...The Colbert Report and The Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson used to be great. Drunk History on Comedy Central is really good. What really turns me off (or, literally, the television) is when a comedian has a single focus based entirely on what they are: Black comedians talking about crack dealers and 'the projects', women talking for 20 minutes about childbirth and menstruating, gay/lesbian comics talking about the gay lifestyle, etc. Eddie Izzard doesn't beat you to death with his being a transvestite, and Ellen DeGeneres (in her standup) doesn't mention that she's a lesbian, yet they are both funny. Maybe that's the difference between being a comedian and someone who just talks on stage for 45 minutes...


There are movies with jokes against Atheists and I have walked out flipping my American Atheist Orbit necklace out from my shirt dangling in theatre light AND I GOT A REFUND OF MY ticket price but not the gawdly popcorn


I'm much more into Carlin and Woody Allen as opposed to Will Farrell or Adam Sandler. I enjoy subtle or even absurd humor with some intellectual bite. I like to have to think and then be surprised.

Zster Level 8 Jan 8, 2018

Never got the fun in watching other people hurt themselves, for example. I also feel unable to laugh at jokes that are misogynist, racist, nationalist etc. and in some circles, these kinds of jokes are sadly quite common.


Intelligent, quick witted humor is enjoyable. However, I found the movie Kung Pow really funny. I love anything Mel Brooks related. It really bothers me that people find humor in scaring other people. And I despise “pranking humor.”


the 'funniest videos where people are getting hurt-not funny to me

Charlie Chaplin mastered the art of falling down funny but in his personal life the song SMILE THOUGH YOUR HEART IS BREAKING fits politically and romantically


That's how I feel about Hangover. The only funny scenes included Ken Jeong. The rest felt like it was written by a 15yr old who got drunk for the first time.

My favorite comedies include White Chicks, We're the Millers, The Other Guys. Classics like Blazing Saddles are great too.

Marz Level 7 Jan 8, 2018

Thor: Ragnarok is hilarious, if you haven't seen it yet.


The first time I watched the Marx Brothers movie "Night at the Opera" the scene on the ocean liner. You'd have to see it to understand (maybe you have). I ended up in one of those laugh till it hurts fits.


The movie UHF with Weird Al. I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe!

Isn't Michael Richards (Kramer) in UHF as the janitor?

@Paul628 Yes, Stanley Spadowski! He also had a kids show. Who wants to drink from the fire hose?!?

@Firelands1973 That's right! I remember now. They needed a host for a kids show and stuck him in there.


All the time. Humor derived from humiliating others just makes me cringe. Fart jokes are utterly pointless. That's 90% of "comedy" covered.

@AMGT ok...
What did the snail say riding on the back of a turtle ?




I watched Kat Williams and got nothing from his standup. I understood what he was saying, but came to the conclusion that his fans are responding to his expressions, body language, and intonation, not to the content of his comedy. I prefer humor that is unexpected and dark. Anthony Jeselnik is one of the few examples of someone who manages to catch me off guard frequently. Greg Giraldo was another. Funny, twisted jokes, fully irreverent.

Jeselnik is hilarious...Not only is his standup hilarious, but his deadpan delivery makes it even funnier...


Seinfeld was close..
So, a long time ago... 3rd rock from the sun.

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