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DId you guys hear about Internet prIce Increases ?

[bgr]. Com/2018/01/05/cord-cutting-options-2018-pay-tv-prices-rising/

So the Major carriers are blaming the increase on people who choose to cut the wire and use streaming services like Netflix. I have the Triple Play with Comcast which included Home security, internet and TV. Maybe I should cut the cord too! I have never had any streaming service including Netflix. I guess I should try it. Which service do you prefer?

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twshield 8 Jan 7

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We have internet only service, and stream Netflix, although their available programming quality and quantity (variety) has been on the decline for the last two or three years. We are considering other options.

Thanks for the info


I see absolutely no point in what passes for programmed TV these days. Give me on demand movies and documentaries and I am AOK. I stream NetFlix and Amazon Prime, with HBO Now during Game of Thrones season. We use a Roku and Apple TV box.

Zster Level 8 Jan 8, 2018

Didn't happen here in Canada but, of course we still have Net Neutrality and an effective agency controlling communications.


I am a former employee of "Big Evil". So I got pampered of having every channel under the sun. I don't watch tv anymore other than news. But internet have to be on. Here we have the "stick" but not interested, I got netflix but mainly watching Frazier/Reign/documentaries, I like history. Kings and Queens stories. But no fantasy or game of throngs. Just History. Comcast/Xfinity, Direct TV, Verizon, ATT they all are going to squeeze any nickel they can from you. Is the american way of doing business. Free Trade like america wanted.


I have Amazon prime and Netflix both are great Epically Amazon because when you order stuff the cost of the shipping is included in the price with Amazon prime. They both have incredible movie and tv show libraries to choose from.


I have Netflix and use Tubi, which is the same concept. I'm saving $165/month. I have access to the Internet through my unlimited phone plan. If it rains hard or storms I lose the Internet. Otherwise, it's all good.

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