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For those from a religious background, what is one positive thing you have taken away from your experience?

For me, it would be seeing at a young age how others justify their beliefs for horrible things, and understanding that their actions have more to do with them as people than it does with a belief.

TheRiver94 2 Jan 7

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Although I didn't realize it until much later, I got a worm's eye view on the proportion of people who don't question what they're told and either fail to spot or don't care about logical inconsistencies.

It took me so long to figure out because I thought I was missing something that everyone else got. I didn't realize it was the other way around...


Can't think of one.

At least every time I think I thought of something, I quickly see the dysfunctional side to it, which means it really wans't positive after all.

Religion never seems positive unless you can remain in a delusional state.


Not a single thing.

gearl Level 7 Jan 8, 2018

I was educated in a Roman Catholic elementary and high school back in the 1950s. Frankly, I can't think of one positive thing I took away from that experience, with the exception, that today I'm an atheist!


My favorite time of the year while attending church during my youth was when the missionaries would come and tell stories of their life while in the field. Even tho misguided by their beliefs, they were selfless, devoted and brave. I loved that.


Whether a historical figure or not the teachings of Jesus. @macrobius and I agree about the Jefferson bible.


When my Sunday School Teacher threw the bible on the floor and stood on it!

mzee Level 7 Jan 8, 2018

At one time I was a fairly well educated lay leader (laity; as opposed to clergy). The best thing about being literate in the bible and various christian teachings is I can spot BS a mile away. I know when someone is twisting scripture to fit their agenda. I call out BS when I hear it, and usually correct it, though now I need to google it.


I'm still friends with pretty much everyone I grew up with in the church. It was a great community and my home life wasn't great from middle school through high school so that community support was critical.

The book of Proverbs was always one of my favorite books when I was in the church. Looking back on it I'm almost positive that it was ripped off from some culture that had their affairs sorted out. Kind of reminds me of the Jefferson Bible in that it's conveniently devoid of fiction and tends to be particularly pragmatic.


In my youth I dabbled with the Jehovah's witnesses. This gave me lots of ammunition against all the other religions.


I still believe that giving comes back to you, but not from a God.


I learned not to trust people that wear colorful robes. they're generally full of themselves.


I'm not sure I could pinpoint anything. We didn't "associate" or mingle with church goers. We kind of kept to ourselves, so the sense of community didn't happen for me. I'd say, I was only interested in the donuts I'd get after the service when I went to my great aunt's house. That's not necessarily positive in a religious way. But oh my, those donuts were delicious and almost had me looking forward to church. 😉


Uhm... I can't recall anything good. Other than getting snacks in the group for the kids during our bible learning time while the adults listened to the preacher. Lol!

1's one good thing. No matter what you do you're gonna be thrown into the fucking "Lake of Fire"...."forever and ever".....sooooo, that being said, it will be great for the up and coming weenie roast.......throw in some marshmallows too!!!


The same acknowledgement proclaimed by House, M.D.: everybody lies. The only question is why

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