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So, I have a good friend who is an amazing musician, and he's also an evangelical christian. Recently, he said that christian music is simply awful, and I was rather pleased to hear him say that.

captainphilbo 5 Jan 8

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Well, for example, "The Ode to Joy", among many others, is just incredible music. There is some decent xtian rock & black gospel out there, too. I usually just go for the music & sorta "hum-out" the lyrics, even tho there can be some very moving ones if it isn't laid on too thick.


Probably the best thing about Christianity is the huge amount of astoundingly beautiful music that it has led to — but you will never hear any of it in an evangelical church, where all they want is 'happy clappy' music for the idiot masses to get excited about.


Contemporary praise and worship: bleh

Traditional hymns in four-part harmony: all day long!

Organ music: yes, please!

Orchestral works: definitely!


I like Jon McLaughlin. He's a "Christian" singer/musician, but his songs aren't all "God this" or "God that".



twill Level 7 Jan 8, 2018

It all sounds the exact same. I can be flipping radio stations and hear 1 second of a Christian song and know it's a Christian song.


You people aren't making Christianity better. You're just making rock and roll worse! — Hank Hill



Thats encouraging-maybe he'll perform less and fewer people will listen to that music. Could it die out?

Well, when he performs, he doesn't play Christian music. He's strictly classic rock, and I hope he keeps it up.


Do like Eric Cartman on South Park. Create Christian music by taking standard pop songs and replacing words like "baby" with "Jesus" and make Christian songs out of them. Since nobody in the Christian world listen to the pop versions, nobody there would notice. LOLing...


I would be satisfied if people were able to judge things for what they are. Too many Christians equate Christian with good. That's a friend I'd keep


I am not a musician but, I have known that to be fact for a very long time. Just tell you friend that the devil has all the good music.


Similarly, I have a friend who is a very skilled pianist and she loves playing during masses. Furthermore, she is devoted to sex-after-marriege thingy that I still am struggling to understand the sense of it. I would not buy a car without testing it, would you?

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