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Trump wants $18 billion for his assanine wall in exchange for DACA. Govt shutdown?

sassygirl3869 9 Jan 8

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If the dope guns pimps and gangs are kept out DACA is a fair trade

DACA members have to reapply every two years. Any criminal record and you're out.

@Maxwell55 DACA will not happen if TrumpOLINI does not get his wall. ...I am all for DACA justice kids brought inside USA if the wall compromise is what it takes to protect us all


I just read an editorial where he has agreed to talk to Democrats but first they must agree to his wall and he continues to say Mexico will pay for it. Fortunately Democrats will not be fooled (remember the adage about fool me once?).

We need to invest in our infrastructure and the first repair job must go to the wall separating church and state.


Whatever happened to infrastructure?

Age mostly. Nothing lasts forever, and to have hiways etc we have to keep maintaining and rebuilding. I used to visit St. Louis frequently. Every time I went from one side of town to the other a new stretch of road was being rebuilt. Sadly this is how it has to be in large cities. And that takes money, doing it cheap just takes more money in the long run.

@HippieChick58 One problem is 'lowest bid gets the job' . So cheapest, shoddiest work wins.

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