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LINK God, Trump and the meaning of morality - The Washington Post

Note the age of most of these folks. My hope is that they are a dying breed.Otherwise, we are in for a long hard time of it.

By BookDeath8
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I feel lucky that I don't give a Flying Fuck about religion, church, god or trump.

Lucky you. I know many citizens now who have totally bowed out of any engagement with politics altogether, even to the point of refusing to vote. While I certainly understand this sentiment, I do not condone abdicating one's duty to vote. Otherwise, your call.

@BookDeath I am a simple man... with simple loyalty requirements. If you run for president... you better have a DD-214 in your life's briefcase. No DD-214, you are not getting my vote. I understand the lesser of all evils conundrum and all that but... My vote will have my requirements and to listen to you presidential candidate, you have to had been a brother in arms of mine, for starters. 'Sorry to disappoint you.


A condescending, judgmental article full of slurring stereotypes. All this negativity about “evangelicals” wears thin. Trying to associate “evangelicals” with political conservatism and the election of Donald Trump is ridiculous. There’s hardly any difference in Methodists and Baptists—Methodists are evangelicals! HILLARY CLINTON IS AN EVANGELICAL!

DT was not put into office by evangelicals. Trump was elected by a broad spectrum of Americans from across the country, including 52% of White women. Many Catholics voted for Trump. Many non-believers voted for Trump.

Rural communities tend to be more conservative than small towns. Small towns tend to be more conservative than small cities. Small cities tend to be more conservative than large cities. There are various reasons for this, but I can tell you one thing: correlation does not equal causation. Yes, in a town like Luvern there are a lot of Protestants. There are a lot of political conservatives. Political conservatism is not CAUSED by being Protestant.

Luvern BTW, is a beautiful town, full of intelligent, warm-hearted and fair-minded people. I love Luvern.

People might very well write a similar article about any number of the fundamentalist churches herein my small town who fervently support DJT and say things similar to the words used by the people who were quoted in the article. And in that, the article would be true to life. But there is much more to my small town than its church--goers, as I'm sure there is about your Luvern. I didn't think the article tarnished the TOWN at all. I did think it spoke rather loudly about the struggle of Xtians to continue to reconcile how they continue to support Trump & his policies. I am sorry that the pastor chose not to follow through with his resolve to fully address the commandment on adultery. Perhaps a follow-up article in a year, to see how this church is faring would be a good idea.


They are a dying breed. The Old White Bastards cannot get over themselves.

J75243 Level 6 July 22, 2018

The quote from the parishioner who said, "we're moving toward the annihilation of Christians" provides the paranoid, terrified explanation for why they are desperate enough to rationalize Trump. They are the drowning person clinging to any scrap of driftwood they can find. In that context, Trump seems to them to be a godsend.

That same person falsely claimed Obama was a Muslim, carried a Koran, and did things "at the behest of the Islamic nation" (an amorphous, non-existent entity). These people have had their heads filled with conspiracy theories by their handlers for so long that they will do / support / excuse anything to save themselves from "annihilation".

And what constitutes "annihilation" for a fundamentalist? People disagreeing with them about their doctrinal / dogmatic rightness. To be wrong, in that belief system, is to incur the wrath of god. Being "right" is all there is to being righteous -- and someone offering affirmation of their rightness can be a congenital liar and grabber of female sex organs and serial adulterer and it doesn't matter.

Living in a secular society that questions or disturbs their beliefs is the same thing as someone mowing them down with a machine gun. Society has been moving away from them and it's all because of Obama and Hillary and whatever other bogeymen they've concocted to explain it.

mordant Level 8 July 22, 2018

Young people are leaving or not joining churches in droves. There is hope for the future.


Whether they die quickly or not their decisions will have repercussions for years unfortunately

Simon1 Level 7 July 22, 2018

Two of these parishioners summed up everything wrong with the fundamentalist Xian worldview. "In the end it doesn't matter." "A true Christian doesn't have to worry about that."

Since the world is going to end, and God is controlling everything, we don't have to make choices. We don't have to worry about consequences. We don't have to think for ourselves. The fact that this President is violating every moral principle the Xians claim to stand for, doesn't mean he can't still be a good Xian President. It's revolting.

Paul4747 Level 8 July 22, 2018

I honestly think they say Trump is on the right side of god because they want their agenda of white America, no rights for the LGBTQ community and the overturn of Roe v Wade. They know Trump is an immoral bastard but so are they. If they make it all about religion then it makes it fine. I hate these people's belief system

@JustLynnie yes. It is all about make Amerikkka white again


Even though they're dying off (and not nearly fast enough), there are still far too many of them coming up who still believe in this bullshit, and are willing to force it on everyone else.

KKGator Level 9 July 22, 2018

Yep, and guess what? They are raised by the 'dying off' evangelicals and are taught to distrust anything outside their family's circle so that their beliefs are not challenged.

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