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If you believe in life after death and had the option of choosing that new life, what would it be? (I personally don’t believe in the afterlife, but it can be an entertaining thought.)

I would choose to come back as a [larger] breed dog owned by a gay man/couple.

PeppermintDreads 7 Jan 8

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I don't believe in reincarnation didnt believe in it when I was a frog
also theres too many ants

Odyn Level 4 Jan 9, 2018

Well I have some first person knowledge as I was in a coma for 28 days with massive brain injury, fractured L2 vertebra, broken teeth ect...ect.... But I did not see nor feel or remember a damn thing! So if that shit is real they would have had a hell of a soldier with me! Cuz if I would have seen I would believe! That in my mind is where I went from a christian/aethiest to a solid fucking agnostic with pride! So NO I don't think of the After Life as a possibility! We are animals and we will not live forever we will DIE and become fertalizer for new plants, its a nonstop cycle of nature with no invisible people involved! My life is a sin!!


My dog Spencer was a Dobe Shep mix but neighbors were afraid of him and my (now) ex would not let him stay inside. matter how many baths and cleaning his feet after walks I was denied my house dog. ...maybe gays have more species compassion than my astrology nut mother of my child? Reincarnation as a dog seems just as dicy as the Hindu human DNA alleged soul shuffle crap shoot. ...after all the Dali Lama last died in FREE TIBET and he allegedly came back to life with an American parent only to lose his country to invading Chinese. much for returning to a better new life

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