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LINK 17-year-old girl among victims in Alabama mass shooting where 7 died -
SeaGreenEyez IN June 5 Jun 5 22
What gives any man the right to kneel on another human beings neck and say Yup I am doing my job right...
Dragoria UK May 30 May 30 44
Happy Caturday all
RobertNappi2 CO May 30 May 30 77
I have no recollection of how that happened.
Jolanta Australia May 29 May 29 88
one of these weekends sho nuff...
hankster TN May 26 May 26 00
I've just moved a post to the author's profile page. We do not allow marketing. I'm not sure if that link was bad or not -I'll try to see what my antivirus program says but that's not conclusive for malware. If you clicked the link you might ...
RavenCT CT May 25 May 25 11
Let's remember the non-believers who fought and died for our freedoms (those we have left anyway) with no delusions of a pie in the sky afterlife. These people truly made the supreme sacrifice and deserve more than any to live on if only in our ...
DangerDave NV May 25 May 25 11
The Impossible Summit - started yesterdy for 6 days - take a look!
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. May 21 May 21 22
Is anyone else familiar with Caitlin Doughty and her Youtube channel, "Ask a Mortician"? She brings death out into the open and is not fond of the traditional Christian aspects of the afterlife and burial practices, i.e. preserving the body. ...
Gwendolyn2018 MO May 20 May 20 66
Read this on another board and thought I'd offer it up for discussion here. I suppose it's as practical a theory on reincarnation as you could have. At least there's no afterlife involved. Anyway, here it is exactly as written. I made no corrections ...
Sgt_Spanky FL May 19 May 19 4343
Ellie - Alt-Sexy
OldMetalHead AZ May 12 May 12 11
Should we invent a new definition of 'god?' After all, the personal Abrahamic god doesn't seem to correspond to the reality of the world around us, so instead of jettisoning the whole idea, why don't we craft a more sensible, realistic 'god?' I'll ...
Storm1752 FL May 12 May 12 88
Beware, Does your 'computer' have Thunderbolt port(s) ?
FearlessFly MN May 11 May 11 11
For those of you who believed in life after death before: do you struggle more now when people die?
UpsideDownAgain UT May 2 May 2 4444
I know...It's still Saturday
RobertNappi2 CO May 2 May 2 99
Saponaceous adjective Resembling soap; soapy.
davers Australia Apr 30 Apr 30 33
Seasonal music by FFRF. ”A music video featuring the words of atheist and lyricist Yip (“Over the Rainbow”) Harburg, music by Earl Robinson and performed by FFRF Co-President Dan Barker. Learn more about the Freedom From Religion Foundation at...
JackPedigo WA Apr 28 Apr 28 22
Highlights from my evening walk. The wild bunnies are pretty tame and will stay even if you are within a few feet. A yellow-crowned night heron and whistling ducks (not available to see in many areas).
EyesThatSmile FL Apr 26 Apr 26 33
LINK Baptists Delighted They Can Now Wear Masks At Liquor Store | The Babylon Bee
snytiger6 WA Apr 22 Apr 22 22
On this day for us to demonstrate support for environmental protection, I would like to bring up how I see the Christian and Muslim faiths as inherently counterproductive to this cause through their belief of a heavenly afterlife and their apparent ...
RobertLudwick FL Apr 22 Apr 22 33
How long before christians are using the afterlife to jsutify letting people die for the economy under trump? I can just imagine them saying "Well if people die form covid they either go to heaven or hell. If they're good they go to heaven and if ...
Techpriest NY Apr 18 Apr 18 44
My favorite decade
glennlab TX Apr 17 Apr 17 33
This is my opinion. If you do not agree with mine, please leave yours. I only ask that you do not personalize your comments, in either direction. Here is my thought on my beliefs about being agnostic. Agnostics are unsure of their honest beliefs....
MikeB-4398 MD Apr 17 Apr 17 1313
some corona stuff some real a couple funny
whiskywoman TX Apr 16 Apr 16 00
LINK Statue of Liberty blueprints discovered, showing last-minute changes | Live Science
SeaGreenEyez IN Apr 14 Apr 14 44
Sometimes my 13 year old baby looks like a puppy. It's usually when he thinks I have something good to eat.
Lorajay OK Apr 12 Apr 12 55
Part of my indoctrination as a believer was that humans have souls and other creatures do not. I have come to realize that there are believers who think they will see their pets in the afterlife. To those of you who are former believers: Did ...
Colibri CA Apr 12 Apr 12 3232
Savoy Brown Boogie - Savoy Brown
FearlessFly MN Apr 11 Apr 11 00
FearlessFly MN Apr 11 Apr 11 00
Townes Van Zandt - Rake
FearlessFly MN Apr 10 Apr 10 00
Will Covid-19 affect the food supply?
sassygirl3869 NY Apr 6 Apr 6 44
Afterlife surprise!
QuidamOutrepont Canada Apr 5 Apr 5 33
My fellowmen sincerely believed that their supernatural friend is capable of eradicating the virus. (A Filipino culture indeed) and most of them are criticising the govt due to the lack of response. As a history major, I no longer see a better future...
Albert_Camus Philippines Apr 3 Apr 3 00
The gardner is quite an artist.
bigpawbullets OH Mar 29 Mar 29 55
Personal face masks. Even though I dislike FB (most of my sites are groups instead of people) I did join a new local group, Lopez Island Community Board. One link seems especially useful in that it says people can make their own face masks. Why ...
JackPedigo WA Mar 27 Mar 27 11
Toilet Tissue from The Carol Burnett Show
GeorgeRocheleau AZ Mar 21 Mar 21 22
"We don't know much about human conscience, except that it's soluble in alcohol " - Sir John Mortimer
Merseyman1 FL Mar 19 Mar 19 22
stevie wonder song from the movie "the woman in red" love the song but watching Gilda's and Gene's expressions while listening are priceless.
bklynite53 CA Mar 16 Mar 16 22
My bedtime post tonight is a fantastic combination of musical talents....Michael Buble’s vocals and Chris Botti on trumpet - A Song For You. In case you can’t access the first one hers another..a live version.
Marionville UK Mar 10 Mar 10 33
This conversation of Professor Grandin with Nancy Maclean displays more than what is in her book Democracy in Chains and adds to the narrative. It is only 27 minutes but the gems she drops are beautiful. Trump is NOT the problem but is the symptom ...
ToolGuy Canada Mar 10 Mar 10 00
Please welcome @Freefromgod who has just joined the group. Feel free to post music from all around the world.
Marionville UK Mar 6 Mar 6 00
Why Donald J Trump will win in 2020. his base is primarily made of one issue voters. his base is very loyal and regardless of his I will follow him to the ends of the Earth. although the one issue voter really only cares about one issue. ...
m16566 CO Mar 5 Mar 5 66
Cacoethes noun An irresistible urge; mania.
davers Australia Mar 5 Mar 5 44
Am I wrong?
Lori49 OH Mar 2 Mar 2 44
I'm late to the game, I guess, but has anyone else watched Afterlife? The Ricky Gervais Netflix show? It's his best yet, I think. For any non-religious person who has lost a loved one, this rings true. Beautiful, powerful, authentic... I'm looking ...
Wollstonecraft SC Feb 21 Feb 21 55
I'm toying with the idea of being a Greeter. Here's a first draft Greeter letter I've written. ----------------- Welcome to Agnostic dot com. Congratulations on scraping religion from the shoes of your life. You were lied to -- there is no ...
Sgt_Spanky FL Feb 17 Feb 17 33
Someone I know is dying and has expressed that she would like to just fall asleep and not wake up. She is a atheist and is surrounded by bible thumping relatives who don’t really know she is atheist. Or at least they don’t want to know it. The ...
Lightupmylife TX Feb 11 Feb 11 3939
LINK The Electoral College, the Senate, & other ways our democracy is rigged - Vox
bingst CA Feb 1 Feb 1 22
Why should Americans care about Ukraine? This morning, on NPR I heard a statement and came up with another take on the Bolton/Ukraine issue and it is one I have not heard before. The statement was: "The United States and our allies ...
JackPedigo WA Jan 29 Jan 29 44
It seems to me that religions selling the promise an afterlife should be illegal. This is fraud. At the very least, religions should come with a fraud warning label: “There is no evidence that heaven exists.” Better yet, make proselytizing ...
GROG CA Jan 25 Jan 25 99
Marty Felps from Young Frankenstien in his younger years
mistymoon77 MN Jan 12 Jan 12 22
Faster then draining the swamp!!!!
RobertNappi2 CO Jan 11 Jan 11 77
How early would you go to the beach? Rainbow Haven provincial park is a popular beach in the summer. At 7 AM in early June, there is a little more privacy. The tide washed away the crowds of footprints from the day before and the shore looks like ...
flower_nut Canada Jan 11 Jan 11 44
Why are some people barred from the Senate? It doesn't sound very democratic.
FrayedBear Australia Dec 24 Dec 24 1515
POLL How long would be long enough? If you were in reasonable good health and mental fitness how long would you want to live? How much of the human condition would you want to be a part of? We talk about "afterlife" in ways as it applies to religions ...
NoPlanetB OK Dec 23 Dec 23 5757
It's all about DEATH, every one of the major religions are at their core - death cults. They can sugar coat it every which way they like to make it more palatable but the real fascination is with death, in trying to find away to escape our ...
Surfpirate Canada Dec 22 Dec 22 1616
Afterlife thoughts... Do you believe in an afterlife? Even if you do not believe in the Jesus and Christianity role model perhaps there is still an afterlife. It might not be what we think of as an afterlife. Who knows ? No one does for sure....
JustLuAnn TX Dec 21 Dec 21 6262
Gyffrey88 GA Dec 17 Dec 17 7272
Good, though......
jasen IL Dec 11 Dec 11 44
Good to see a 👍 for Black Breath there Rignor . & My Canadian mate Actofdog. You sorter can tell by conversation ." I could have a beer with that dude.". You realise. From the other side of the world. people can click. Canada sounds ...
Seriousreason New Zealand Dec 10 Dec 10 11
Declining invitation to church,
Ashxoleyxo SC Dec 7 Dec 7 3232
Who's Harpo with?
uncle-ernie MI Dec 1 Dec 1 55
I am not only a freethinker, I am also a non-judgmental human being. That means I am eager to listen to the others without inflicting my judgemental bias on them. That means you can easily make me a friend....
SukantoSirkar1 India Dec 1 Dec 1 22
My wonderful and sweet dad drove me to work because my car battery died. On the way, we somehow ended up talking about death and afterlife. He asked what I believe. I told him that I'm not sure. He told me that I should make a decision soon, because ...
Biblebeltskeptic SC Nov 27 Nov 27 4646
TALK DIRTY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the chat room. Just click that little "Chat room is open" box on the right side of your screen...don't disappoint me.
ProudMerrie WV Nov 23 Nov 23 00
Time for a little honesty
glennlab TX Nov 23 Nov 23 33
Tomorrow night - Meteor storm!
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. Nov 20 Nov 20 33
JeremyTaylor OH Nov 20 Nov 20 22
In another post, I just saw the sentence, "God will never give you more than you can handle." The author of the post wasn't supporting this statement; it was just mentioned. But it reminded me that this is a very bothersome statement that I've heard ...
Omnedon IN Nov 20 Nov 20 33
Two teaspoons of vinegar before each meal will help you lose weight. Black cumin, a teaspoon daily, decreases blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides.
EdEarl TX Nov 20 Nov 20 22
My newest hero
HippieChick58 NE Nov 19 Nov 19 33
Sweden drops Julian Assange rape investigation
FearlessFly MN Nov 19 Nov 19 00
Let's discuss reincarnation. Of all the various afterlife notions I've heard, I like reincarnation the best. Wer're going to make mistakes, that's a given. so I can get behind the idea of multiple chances to grow and learn from our mistakes over ...
Sgt_Spanky FL Nov 19 Nov 19 66
Good Morning My Hippies. Resting at home and posting from this horrible cold. Have to go back to work tomorrow. Had a deadline! Mostly packed except for books -hopefully I can get some banana boxes from a supermarket. Great for paperbacks! Have a ...
sassygirl3869 NY Nov 19 Nov 19 44
Can you love a racist? My boyfriend and I were talking about racism one day when he says "My dad's racist, ya know.." "Really?" I said, "I haven't noticed." With a slight sigh, and an eye roll he says "you will." Several weeks go by, we visited ...
BohoHeathen OH Nov 18 Nov 18 4747
I was just thinking about the hope and joy that the non-existent flying spaghetti monster sky God can now bring to people. There was a time before the non-existent flying spaghetti monster sky God has come along that people were worried about being ...
Word LA Nov 18 Nov 18 44
The first time, I saw kd lang
Lilac-Jade Canada Nov 17 Nov 17 22
Quantum Computer Made from Photons Achieves a New Record
FearlessFly MN Nov 16 Nov 16 00
It is getting harder and harder to discern fact from fiction.
BDair CA Nov 14 Nov 14 22
I Just can't let you say Goodbye by Willie Nelson
FearlessFly MN Nov 13 Nov 13 11
Okay... another fun website for us to ogle over.. 😁
Captain_Feelgood NC Nov 12 Nov 12 11
So Witches .... never mind..
Captain_Feelgood NC Nov 11 Nov 11 00
On Contact: Resistance & the left with Paul Street Journalist Chris Hedges talks to author and political commentator Paul Street about the failure of the American left, new forms of resistance, democracy, and the deep roots of America’s ruling ...
William_Mary OH Nov 10 Nov 10 11
I guess they should stick with dogs?
SenorRotten FL Nov 10 Nov 10 44
The afterlife and beyond
DeathNova UK Nov 6 Nov 6 66
Sorry ahead of time but I just need to let this out. Fuck the current governor of South Dakota Kristi Noem and her cannabis cock blockin, climate change denying, ass backwards policies!! It so easy to believe a 3,000 year old fantasy but it's a ...
SeanPaul91 SD Nov 5 Nov 5 00
Art is subjective.
scurry Canada Nov 4 Nov 4 00
Great Halloween costumes – M (M&M) Peach Mint!
altschmerz IL Nov 4 Nov 4 66
LINK 75-Year-Old Volunteer Visits Animal Shelter Every Day And Naps With Cats
snytiger6 WA Nov 4 Nov 4 88
POLL Favorite Hanna Barbara cartoon character from the 60's continues. Here is part five of section one. Part six should end the first section with Scooby and gang, and with the Banana Splits. Of these characters, which ones are your favorites?
Beowulfsfriend PA Nov 4 Nov 4 55
How dare they drag Trump into religion! (sarcasm alert)
Ellen-SoCal CA Nov 4 Nov 4 00
Do you have any Melmac Dinnerware?
Sheannutt OR Nov 4 Nov 4 99
Useful because this a common canard -
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. Nov 4 Nov 4 22
You lookin at me?
Captnron59 CO Nov 3 Nov 3 55
Are any of us surprised about coverups like the ones described in Farrow’s book Catch and Kill.
ToolGuy Canada Nov 3 Nov 3 11
Emerson Lake & Palmer/Back Door Concert Poster
sassygirl3869 NY Nov 3 Nov 3 00
Admit nothing.
scurry Canada Nov 2 Nov 2 22
Am I in trouble again?....
Lizard_of_Ahaz CA Nov 2 Nov 2 55
Atheist Ghosts?
JGARYP MD Nov 2 Nov 2 22
Just about every morning
SenorRotten FL Nov 2 Nov 2 44