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If there is no eternity, how can there be eternal life? I think the earth will cease to exist in 4 billion years or so as a matter of the sun dying. And beyond that there's the entropy expected as observed with the acceleration of the ever expanding universe. So what will happen to all the souls when the universe no longer exists?

jeffy 7 Jan 8

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We have three types of soul/sole in Australia, on shoes. a type of fish, and our "A" souls, who are often politicians.


Souls? I don't think we have souls.

The rumor is some souls eat sole in Seoul waiting for new soles.


What souls?


I hope by then they are done bashing politicians by then.Think that interdimensional travel would have been achieved with ease in those times. May have even relocated to different solar systems.


I don't expect eternal life. I ponder the notion that our spirit or soul or whatever will decay with time not that it will be infinitum eternaris soulster.


Eternal life as religion postulates it is about a god and a supernatural existence and has noting to do with this natural universe.

But if everything is gone in the physical universe, who will worship God?


When the universe cools to a constant absolute zero temperature and all motion stops, then time becomes meaningless. Much like the measure of time before the big bang. I'm not worried about it, though.


what goes up must come down. nothing lasts for ever.

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