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QUESTION Oprah Winfrey - does speech provide clues about presidential run? - BBC News

If Oprah Winfrey, runs for President of the USA, would you vote her? Yes or now. Support your answer

Humanlove 7 Jan 8

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Pick a woman marine to be the first woman president. Not another billionaire capitalist with an acting background and their own tv channel.


Never . Thats why I despise politics . In the private sector and even in most civil service jobs you have to work your self up to the top positions through tests promotions and experience . But in politics it’s all about money and any one that has money can be President,regardless of their experience. Even Oprah. And this is the most powerful position in the world . Its a joke


I really hope she does not run. However smart or competent she is, the US does not need another divisive billionaire with no experience in civic governance - and who has been surrounded by yes men for the last 20 years - trying to run the country like it's their own personal business again.


running mate MICHELLE !!!!


What is it with people running for president with zero background in public service or previous elected office? No, I wouldn't vote for her, regardless of her politics. Even if I were a fan of hers, even if we matched up ideologically, I won't vote for someone whose first step into public service is an attempt at president of the United States. If she, or anyone else (looking at you, Jill Stein), wants to be president, try running for Congress or mayor or city council first, and serve the community in a lowly office for a time doing the hard, tedious work that comes with those positions. Show us you care about more than the title of the most powerful seat in the nation.

I agree with you on this note.


She would never run for office

Why do you think so?

@0752532706 she has said it hundreds of times when asked in interviews plus I don't think any african american would run for the presidency considering how Obama was treated. When obama gave his first address to congress, a law maker stands up and shout "you Lie"! In what universe has this happened in the past? Majority leader Mitch McConnell gives a news conference and says "it will be his agenda, to make sure Obama is a one term president" I am going to go out on a limb here an say that Obama was the most Disrespected president in history! Why would another person of color Put Themselves through that.

@twshield I agree with your observations.

@0752532706 I would rather she take part in some foreign diplomacy work. I think she would be excellent at pease negotiations on some level


Yes her speech and Stedman Graham, her long-time significant other, have strongly hinted she is willing to consider it, Yes I would vote for her. We need a strong popular, well respected candidate.Oprah is a business success, is empathetic and tells the truth.

Good luck when her turn comes.

Bernie had a large group know as the Bernie brothers who supported him. They did so because they did not want a woman in office. How does one think Opra would do? It is this kind of divisiveness that got us where we are today. Pragmatics should rule over special interest.


This is like a new reality TV show. Celebrity President.

Nothing wrong with it, provided they came through the right channel of democracy--right?

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