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QUESTION Discrimination of conservative white men ?

How will this end? If you are white man,do you feel discriminated? If yes--by who?

Humanlove 7 Jan 8

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I'm a liberal white man and I too feel that discrimination exists against us. I knew a girl who one time was assaulting this guy and she said to him as she was doing it 'what are you going to do? Hit a woman?'

I mean doesn't that say something?

You are right in that regard.


I am a white man, and the only people I feel who discriminate against me are evangelical Christians, racists, and ideologically bankrupt Republicans.

Yes...some truth in this comment though not entirely's generalising Christians.


try being in a foreign country where you [ the white man ] are the distinct minority. DUH of course you are discriminated against


I'm white, but not conservative. I don't feel discriminated against but I live in a major city on the West Coast. If I were socially conservative here, I would be discriminated against in a similar way that people in the Bible Belt are discriminated against for being non-religious. However people here would use logic, not god or faith.


This subject reminds me of all the talk about discrimination against christians in this country.
Forcing others to stop discriminating against those who aren't them isn't discrimination.
Rudy1962 put it really well in his comment. I'm going to take it just a tetch farther. Too many scared white men are confusing those seeking equality with them being discriminated against. White men have been making the rules and running roughshod over an awful lot of people, for an awfully long time. I can get why they might not like losing their power, but no one is discriminating against them. We're all just leveling the playing field. They've been dishing it out for millennia. It's time they learn to take it.

Now I am forced to look it up and read it.

Nicely said!

@0752532706 Aww. LOL

@shockwaverider Thank you.

@KKGator do you have an idea where I can find it?

@0752532706 click the link in the original post


No, I don't feel discriminated against. I'm not especially conservative, though. I did think the firing of the guy at Google was unnecessary and came down to an ideological pissing match more than anyone actually feeling unsafe to work with him — I read his memo and he simply stated his opinion and backed it up with various statistics (which doesn't mean it was necessarily accurate, as I haven't researched his sources or other claims, but it was far from being threatening or disparaging toward women). On the other hand, when you make a public statement that your employer is promoting an inequitable work environment, I think you have to assume that your job is in immediate jeopardy.

I have to look for the memo.


No and nobody. Common mistake of us to confuse equality with being discriminated against. I think we are in the last gasp of angry white men.

Imagine this next step if humanity...

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