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Opinion, please....

Hi, Everyone- So...I have been dating this truck driver for about 3 months. We met on another dating site where my first words in my profile were that I am an atheist, and next that I loved to watch Ancient Aliens. So, we hooked up, and I found him wonderful in every way. Yeah, he was a Christian, but I'm like "whatever-I'm not gonna demand someone be my carbon copy"....
Fast forward 3 months. He (a truck driver who called me at least every day, usually a couple of times, and we got along great) calls me as usual. I tell him I am watching Ancient Aliens, and they are talking about the possibility of aliens having come to earth and changing the dna of the human species to be the only ones with the capability of language. As always on Ancient Aliens, there is evidence of this and it makes sense. I tell him that I find this easier to believe than the bible as it was written. He hasn't called me in three days. this how "Christians" break up?? I don't want to put him on the spot by calling, I was already the last to call.
Guys, what does this mean???

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AsRealAsItGets 4 Jan 8

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I would call just to clarify. Then tell him you think he might have been abducted by aliens and had his emotions modified. I so wish I could do this now. Damn it. (I think you might have just avoided future issues, so you got lucky this came up early in the relationship.)

Oh, I loved this reply! Thanks for making me laugh ๐Ÿ™‚ I've decided that I'm not going to waste my emotional energy on calling him. Just gonna let him go- I don't beg. BUT...if he does call me, you can BET that will be the first (and last) thing I say to him. I don't play games!

@AsRealAsItGets I think your decision is much wiser. His loss and (I would bet) you dodged a relationship bullet the easy way.


In respect for the last 3 months, Call him. After dumping him in the call. Call me.


My grandfather was a truck driver....he had 9 wives and dead at 52... you've dodged a bullet lol


I don't won't to give you advice instead I would like you to think. Do you want to be with someone that gets angry over a miner difference of opinion and then refuses to talk to you? Is that the behaviour of a mature adult or a child? Do you want an adult relationship with a child? Is his not calling you a punishment to manipulate your behaviour? Is he playing mind games by intentionally emotionally withdrawing from you? Do you want to be with someone who plays mind games?


call him or you will never know.


He could be struggling with how to respond. There could be a hundred reasons he hasn't called.
maybe he crashed his truck and lied in a ditch waiting to be found for three days. Why not give a guy the benefit of the doubt, just one time?

Gary Level 4 Jan 9, 2018

I would call him because perhaps something happened to him. It will give you the closure you need to move on anyways.


If his faith is that important to him, leave him to it. Religious conflict sounds like the last thing you want.


If he doesn't call you can call him for closure if you want to know. I did this with a guy who cancelled on me last minute on a romantic weekend. He wouldn't answer his texts. Write it off unless you're in love with the guy.


Is the potential of the relationship worth making 2 calls in a row? There is your answer, yay or nay, if it's no, well, time to move on, even if he does call now.


If he's trying to break up with you, that's not a function of his Christianity or your atheism. A guy will put up with a lot of annoyances from a woman if he likes her.

There are also all sorts of reasons why he might not call. If he keeps on not returning your calls, then that's one thing, but this sounds pretty recent.

Call. Ask. Talk. Maybe lay off the "Aliens are more probable than your silly religion" stuff because it's not hard to see how he could feel insulted by that.

Thanks, Erik. It wasn't really demeaning like that, more like-"It's definitely a possibility, I guess I find it to be a little more plausible than the bible exactly as it's written".....I was always walking on eggshells a little when I talked about religion with him, and-thanks- you just helped me realize- I don't want that kind of relationship, anyway.


I don't believe in Ancient Aliens either but I sure wouldn't make an issue out of it especially if I cared for someone. My goodness there are important issues. Good luck whatever you do.

gearl Level 7 Jan 9, 2018
2 least I'D be ancient history. I really don't have time for those who get upset over what I think may be...maybe...but Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is definitely authoritative but hardly unbiased expert.

I couldn't even tell you the religions of the last dozen women I've dated or worked with, even as they at times worked in "theoretical theologies".

There are always better and easier conflicts to resolve. Like whether to wear the black or red. The truly important stuff.


Just call him and find out. You'll drive yourself crazy with "what ifs" if you don't.
Life is short. Don't waste your time on questioning what you can easily find out.


I don't trust truck drivers anyway. My ex husband was a long distance driver for a year or so. I've heard some stories. I probably wouldn't call.

dkp93 Level 7 Jan 8, 2018

Logic 101: You do not trust any truck divers. Some truck drivers are untrustable. That does not make all truck drivers untrustable. It's called a syllogism. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just having fun...

@Hominid Yeah, I just knew someone would have a problem with my comment. I get it. Not all truck drivers are untrustworthy. Doesn't mean I have to go out of my way to pursue or date one. Just like I know that not all Trump supporters are ignorant bigots, but I also wouldn't waste my time dating one. She asked for our opinion, and that's mine, even if it was a bit facetious.


If he doesn't call you can call him for closure if you want to know. I did this with a guy who cancelled on me last minute on a romantic weekend. He wouldn't answer his texts. Write it off unless you're in love with the guy.


Call him. But, unless he was already beginning to question Christian beliefs before he met you, you're probably doomed as a couple anyway. I hope I am wrong but that is what my experience tells me.



Thanks- I didn't even know what that was until I looked it up!

@AsRealAsItGets Think it you were closer I would get to know you . I just adore ancient aliens and through the wormhole.


Though I am concerned you are watching this rott, and should watch the documentary on debunking that show, real scientist and anthropologist, rather than nutters selling books and ratings. evolution pretty much rules out alien manipulation, as does the logic of who seeded their dna.
I drove a truck a while cross country, he has time all day to have called, they don't like it when you make them examine there belief in magic. please don't be like that with this alien junk.

Please don't be so demeaning.

please don't be so emotional when pointed at information.

I didnโ€™t find this demeaning. Actually, I agree. If you donโ€™t want ALL opinions, then state you only want to be placatedโ€”not answered truthfully.

These shows are docudramas. They are scripted BS, and include enough truth to be plausible.

When I hear people talk about how they are true and believable, my mind tunes outโ€”just as it does with a theist or ghost believer or any other unprovable conspiracy theory.

Plausible to uneducated minds.


Is he worth your time? If he is, then try and work it out. If heโ€™s not, find someone else.


I believe that your boyfriend doesn't think outside the box. If I talk to people about things such as Chemtrails and some conspiracies I am looked upon as being mad. I do believe there are Aliens walking among us and the whole idea fascinates me.


You watch "Ancient Aliens"???!!!???


After three months of daily calls, some more than once a day, you have trouble calling him twice in a row? Itโ€™s not the aliens causing problems here, or Jesus. Either you want to be with him or you donโ€™t, not sure calling him judgemental on religion is the best way to break up with him? Yet it could work. ??


what can you possibly lose by calling. everything to gain

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