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Someone made a comment about the flu shot. I would say be aware of the actual ingredients. I would say be aware of what's going to be put in your veins. I'm not a doctor or a scientist I just have common sense.

Wildgreens 7 Jan 8

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I'm a scientist and public health official. There are virtually no dangers to vaccines and the very small risk is overwhelmed by the benefits to the individual and the society. I am old and remember when preventable diseases were very common and left life-long disabilities in the victims. If I could transport vaccine doubters back to those times in the 1940's and 1950's, they would all be converted. My father and his family survived the 1918 Spanish Flu which usually killed young healthy adults ironically. Visit old graveyards and look for dates of death in 1918. An estimated 675,000 Americans died of the Spanish Flu.


I get a flu shot every year. It is highly recommended for those with chronic medical conditions, such as Type 1 diabetes, which I have had for more than 30 years. I have never had an adverse effect from the flu shot, but have seen the uninnoculated drop like flies around me from the flu while I just motored on. Only once do I remember contracting the flu despite having received the flu shot.

The sickest I have ever been was in 09/2010 when I was attacked by what my physician believes was a virus, but probably not a flu strain (wrong symptoms.) I was out of commission for a week, and didn't regain full strength for a couple of months. I was living alone at the time, and was too ill to haul my ass to the clinic for medical assistance. For three days my fever hovered around 105°F, with one reading of 105.3°F. I didn't have any respiratory symptoms, though.

The puzzling part about it? No-one around me got sick. No-one I knew suffered an illness anything like what I had. I cannot blame it on the flu shot because I had not yet had my annual flu shot when I fell ill. A few days after my fever broke, a layer or two of skin peeled off both of my hands and both of my feet. I've never had that before.

In my doctor's opinion it was not the flu. All I know is if I never get ill like that again it will be too soon.


I would say that having sex with a stranger you would take precaution a condom for example. When you are in public not everyone is hygiene conscious lot of people do not even wash their hands after using the restroom. Unless you have the Howard Hughes syndrome and you never touch money, a keyboard, a keypad,a pen, a door, knob or handle, a toilet flush, shake a hand or give a hug, a grocery cart. You are basically having germ sex without a condom.


I take the flu shot every year and I don't get the flu.

@witchymom If you kissed me, I'd catch your good germs and I would not get the flu?

@witchymom Well worth it.


I would say deference to the overwhelming consensus of experts would be more common sense.


And common sense is what actually required. Ask the right questions and take the decision based on facts.


For several years I got sick for weeks on end every winter. It was miserable to say the least. I've been getting my flu shots for about five years now and haven't been sick in that time. I believe in them.

gearl Level 7 Jan 9, 2018

I read one article that said that we get more mercury in a can of tuna than in a flu shot. Didn't get one this year. Too much feedback from friends that indicates that it just doesn't work very well.

I have heard that, too. One of the problems with the flu shot is that it is made on a predictive basis as to which strain will be the one that spreads.. i have taken to only getting it ever second year as there is clear evidence that it reduces your ability to fight off other respiratory infections in the year following the one you get it in. I would not hesitate to get it regularly if it was always made for the strain in that year epidemic.


All anyone has to do is ask before allowing the shot (of any kind) to be given.
If you don't get an answer, refuse the shot. It's not that hard.

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