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Dating Scams

Who else is freaking tired of the scamming that occurs on mainstream dating sites? Hoping to find some real people here. ๐Ÿ™‚

HippieMom 3 Jan 8

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I've given up on dating sites. If I'm not going to meet someone IRL, then I'm not going to meet anyone. I'm done.

Yes, Iโ€™m pretty much there, too, and Iโ€™ve only been on the sites for a couple of weeks.

I agree.

@Vic47 I don't even mind if they're only after 'one thing'. Just be honest about it. No games, no subterfuge. I can decide whether I want only one thing, too. IF I've got all the info up front.


I had a scammer here today-3rd one in 8 weeks. Work on your profile and try networking with locals.

I agree networking is key. (And I could probably benefit from working on my profile.) I'll be attending events that are put on by CFI (Center for Inquiry) starting this weekend, however they are all an hours drive from me. Still hoping to come across a chapter, or more venues, in Orange County (CA) closer to me.
Thanks for the advice and thanks to Admin for the community.

Once they've been identified as scammers, are they blocked? What should a 'newbie' know to spot them out?


i was starting to write a song about scammers. Then there your post. never seen one here but I am not that active and I am pretty skewed, like a cross eyed watchdog.

  since yesterday

i don't know who calling me from texas
with a nigerian name
who i know in india with pakistani accent
and knowledge of myself
i am just drifting around
in the world wide web
seeking for no answers
i am fresh out of concerns

but if you see me eye to eye
i am no different
than all men
looking for a lady
since yesterday

but you never gonna find me
acting like that
asking for my social
stripped of christian morals
like i am
ain't got money for you
just a tripping attitude and honey
dear scammer in the net
but like Liam I will find you
and leave you without knuckles
i am just the wrong sucker
in your bloody plate


I wouldnt suggest anyone date online! A person can be anyone they create online. Trust is impossible from the anonymous! Online dating should be for fun and Not taken seriously.

my friend managed to find a girl on line and settle down so it is probably pure happenstance no matter which route you take

@markdevenish i don't doubt it could work i just don't trust it


I think it's pretty cool here, not so much dating I think, too few of us. But it seems to be good honest open discussions.


Thanks, everyone! Looks like, at the very least, Iโ€™ve stumbled upon some cool people to talk to.


I tried them,I know what you mean.


Iโ€™ve seen every episode of Catfish. ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you go noodling?

Me, too. Sadly, so have the scammers. The first guy I encountered was really good...not at all dumb like most of them. I reversed searched his photos, found legit looking social media profiles, and everything held up...until he claimed to be in Turkey st a conference with a broken laptop and no way to get another one with a US keyboard unless I bought it and shipped it to him. (Donโ€™t worry, I didnโ€™t.) people really suck sometimes, though.

Lol. No. But my cousin used to. It was fun seeing him throw the fish out of the water.


Most are from Ghana but the occasional Nairobi wants to sex you up pretends to be American gives fake knowledge about the states they claim to be from wants to chat on hangouts. The biggest give away is the question so what are you looking for on this site. I give them a good mind they usually call me a name then leave me alone.


I've been married for 20 years and am here to converse with agnostics. What is a dating scam?

A scam toward online daters. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It usually involves a request for money, money to travel, to stay in touch, personal tragedy, etc.

@Benmonk O.K. Sounds great! You buy!

@DavidLaDeau that's not a scam, thats a dream!


I am just having fun here. I am a face to face kind of guy.


Never been on one this is the only one I have ever been on, so, I don't have a clue. The people here seem to be genuine so, far.



Yeah, it's pretty bad, for both men and women.


Think I must be a bit niave. What sort of scams are there and how do they work?


there are no people who live near you and are like you and like you and want to get closer with you. Man its a hard world


I had about 6 coffee dates from about 2 months on OK Cupid. I had a few dates with one and went out for a few months with another. I was thinking that paid sites would be better because there would be fewer scammers since you have to pay money to be on the site. After reading that link above, I guess I'll save my money. I look forward to getting to know the community here.

there are alot of weanies out there . i've watched 3 very good friends attractive articulate loving looking and no one is up to the task. men seem to be pretty useless all told !


I go on POF all the time to recruit new members for the Singles Social Club i curreently head. Have had a few robots, several "wham/bam/bye" types, etc. But most actual scammers will tell you that an honest person is the hardest if not impossible one to scam...example: the "we find money in the street" dodge. An honest person insists on turning it properly in & cannot be gulled.
The rules of dating strangers, wherever you meet them, have never changed: stay in public at first, watch out if they are only available at odd times,(never on a weekend evening, for example), run like hell if they mention money in any capacity, ever!

All good advice. Always meet in public first!


Which sites are scams so I can stay clear and save money as well as time.

The sites themselves arenโ€™t scams, but people use them to try to scam other users. Iโ€™ve had bad experiences with several sites but donโ€™t blame the sites themselves. Thereโ€™s only so much they can do to police their clientele.

@HippieMom I'd heard there were many sites with fake profiles and bots contacting/conversing with people. Just as bad as they have scammed you on your membership fees.


there all scams and American as far as I can figure.


Catfishing may be a growing problem, but some sites have been swampy to begin with:

"We Experiment On Human Beings!", []

"The Enormous Dating Fraud:, Plenty of Fish, Tinder and OkCupid." []

"Ashley Madison Admits Using Fembots to Lure Men into Spending Money," []

I have been told by solicitors that Plenty of Fish within the solicitors and barristers community is called Plenty of Sharks and Whales for the number of people with personality issues.

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