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There is too much hate in the world. It seems like any time someone holds a different view hate is born, either one sided or mutual. I don't understand why people can't just get along. Believe what you want, support who you want, worship who you want. Respect that we are not all the same. Not try to force your views on everyone else. If you don't like pot, don't smoke it. If you do, toke up. If you don't believe in abortion, don't do it. Think God is a fabrication, don't worship him. Dont like guns, don't get one. Each person should have the freedom to live as they please. We all need to understand that we are all different. We need to mind our own buisiness and respect each other. No good comes of this spreading hatred. We need to remove the hate, and spread love, respect, and understanding.

Bam85 6 Jan 9

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I agree. As I've heard some people say 'opinions are like assholes. Everyone's got one and they all stink.'


In an ideal society I agree but today there a a whole lot of people who don't live by the principals you suggest. We live in a society where the majority of folks want to legalize pot and the government wants to override the will of the majority. The same with abortion, worship and on and on. Speaking up against somebody else's views isn't hate but merely speaking up against somebody else's views. There is too much hate involved, I agree, but keeping quiet is the last thing we need to do.

gearl Level 7 Jan 9, 2018

Its human nature to have conflict because our egos

@Bam85 i agree


Thank you for your service! The "warrior spirit" didn't affect me as it did many in my family, many who were spec ops. I'll admire each for their parts in wars and conflicts as far back as WWI and sadly don't remember the tales of their fathers and grandfathers. You are an essential part of the biggest stick we have to carry...still...

If you don't like guns, don't get given one either. Our homeless vets are a testament to that fact. Sadly, too many want guns for the "wrong" (my own moral assessment) reasons. Though countless young men have met their deaths for deity, king, country, notoriety, kill thrill,...they've had their place in our societies since tribal times. I just don't want to be in a city where a "thrill kill" gunner is living...again.

Guns can be a tough subject but in all other ways I am in TOTAL AGREEMENT! I'm happy to have had to revise my "golden rules" since I've been here: do unto as THEY would have you. I practiced it, I just didn't verbalize it correctly.

You're in good company. Now its time for another bowl.


We're here in a forum, or we're on Facebook. And people put their thoughts out for the rest to see. My take is, if you don't want comments on those thoughts, don't put them out there. And those who choose to comment on the thoughts, should do so without name calling or belittling. I see gaining other perspectives a good thing. I'm only human and I have my way of looking at things. But my mind has been opened to so many new ways to look at life thanks to me listening and not just hearing. I wish I had done so when I was younger.


I am agreed with you that we must remove hate and spread love, respect, and understanding, but sometimes you can not do that without going down to the level of hate. for example, if someone believes that he must kill you, what you will do " case of Islam" or someone believes that you must be left his land and you are taking his tax money " case of western world racists". people who sell drugs and weapons .....etc. those you can not love them and you must fight them because they are dangerous for you and me and the community.


had it nice till the gun part and I think not many people should be allowed guns. also Hate is a harsh description. more like distrust. we need to trust each other


This is my perception religion teaches people to hate. It happens because different faiths have different rituals, so one will complain the other is doing it the wrong way because it was not their way. Developing a feeling of disgust then calling each other names next thing you know a fist fight breaks out.


I hate that you feel there is too much hate on the world... OOPS did I just type that!
My bad!
...spread... love... two words that sound GOOD in the same sentence lol


@Mansour thank you, thank you very much


You still has the choice to hate or not to hate. I don't hate because hate is a poison and seems to be hard to detox. I can be 110% against something but still won't be hate. No matter how mad I may get... mad only last 5 minutes in me. I always turn around from anger within minutes. Just in a spot of my life where anger not accepted to stick in me beyond a few minutes. Relax Life Upon Me without Hate.


Sounds great but those questions can get heated. I've shared my opinion on them and got attacked by the other that makes life interesting. I hear you though.


Best Post I've seen in 2 months. I wish everyone felt the same way.


Need to focus more on what we have in common, and less on our differences. Get rid of us and them.

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