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Any fellow musicians out there?

Just from the sheer number of people on this website, of course there are, but I just wanted to see if anyone would like to make some music. I feel like it would be a good opportunity to really tread into some unfamiliar territory, which (in my opinion) is one of the most important things as a musician. It helps you adapt as well as understand different perspectives, not to mention talking to/meeting new people. Obviously, distance can be an issue, but I believe with modern recording technology that problem can be lessened, and most of what we want can be achieved.

perpetuallyburnt 3 Jan 9

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I played Violin when I was younger. My favorite number has to be Gershwins Rhapsody In Blue. I have not played in years and I am not a talented musician by any means. I did enjoy my years in orchestra though.


I'm a guitarist/vocalist. I've also been known to pick up a bass now and then or dabble on the keyboards. Those who know me, though, know well enough to keep drumsticks away from me. I have rhythym, but insufficient coordination to do anything more than a basic beat.

I performed at hundreds of venues in hundreds of towns. large and small, in Wisconsin, Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Southern California, and Western Arizona over a span of about 30 years. Most of it was in Wisconsin. I've been inactive for about the last 10 years or so, but have been considering "un-retiring" because I really do miss making music. Problem is, it's been that long since I've done any writing also, and I'm afraid that would be harder to get back than just playing.


Can't carry a tune in a bucket and got NOOOOO rhythm. I tried, I played in the bell choir in church and took piano and clarinet lessons. I am a good listener though, just don't ask me to clap along...


Yep I play guitar , I write a little..


The 2nd to ask today!

Yes, a musician and an artistry or a few more. Here's some of my favorites of mine and other artists. Add some of your own here, there or anywhere!

HOME:::ThE cReAtIvE tHiNkErS gAlLeRiE


Not a musician, I am a poet would be cool to see some of my poems set to music.


Still need to get a few more items for my home studio, but if you need a twangy guitar solo or some ambient synth textures for a tune, hit me up.


I'm a pro tools guy. what tracks do you need help with? i can do vocals, guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo Ukulele, basic keyboards, and basic drums. i am willing to barter with you. I'm looking for a pro drummer with top notch blues chops.


But not only the musician part. Lyricist and Poets too that may take a piece of music and turn it into an anthem of our desires.

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