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Do agnostics have common ground with these characteristics?

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JustLuAnn 7 Jan 10

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"Liberals" mean different things in different parts of the world. In the U.S. it mean "left leaning" politically.

Generally, factual data supports left leaning political policies. It isnt so much that atheists and agnostics are left leaning or pro left wing, so much as they are supportive of actual factual data. If the right wing used factual data to create their policies, then we'd be supportive of them too.


I am liberal on some points and conservative on others. The labels don't work for me because some opinions I think should be considered liberal are called conservative and vise versa. I guess I'm just a free thinker.


Can't vote on this poll. Too 2 dimensional, I think there is more having common ground than where agnostics are lib or con. The conservative do use their versions of the bible to brow beat voters. Liberals not enough. lol

I think it goes beyond religion. There are agnostic/atheist conservatives; they are libertarians (their goddess is Ayn Rand). Over here on the blue side of the Cascades especially in the super liberal San Juan Island county I, as a questioning progressive, have most of my non-common ground issues with the very liberal and left of liberal, liberals.

@JackPedigo I liked Atlas Shrugged, to a point. Once she defined her heros ant he users she could easily have shut up. Glorifiung heros and their worth was good otherwise too wordy. I love San Juan island county. Doe Bay!! If I'd done a better job managing things b4 the recession I could afford to live there. Ellensburg isn't too bad at times.

@silverotter11 I heard there was a barn with a large vote Hilary sign in Ellensberg. Is it still there?

It doesn't have to be expensive to live here. If I had stayed in Seattle I would have trouble paying property taxes on my home. The noise, pollution and traffic. As much as I loved Seattle I get a big shock every time I go there (Bellingham is much nicer). Here it is very affordable for many of us.

@silverotter11 I forgot to comment on your comment. When I first left religion, a group the "Brights", was formed and had meetings in downtown Seattle. I attended but was curious why so many were non-theist but conservative. One kept harping on how "Atlas Shrugged" was the best book ever written so I thought I would see what all the fuss was about. Halfway through I realized it was claptrap but had invested so much time I felt I had to finish it. Looking up information about it I discovered Libertarianism, Ayn Rand and Satan (Rachel Carson). I think this is very good because it helps us better understand what other mentalities we have to deal with. Maybe if the religionist had this inquisitive mentality we wouldn't be so polarized.

@JackPedigo Missed that one, there is a sizable number of Dems in Kittitas County and they will be out on the 20th for sure.


Liberal all the way.. I can't think of anything in the conservative field I would be in favor of.


Liberal here always.


On the fence they both only look out for themselves our wellbeing is not a politicians priority, if they say so ask any party then why do they let so many veterans be homeless why is there not a fund for veterans to tap into to get off the streets and have a safe place for their families to live? Veterans should be top priority to be taken care of.


A little to each is a possibility...
What's the true answer


I think it's because most conservatives claim to follow the bible but what they truly believe is there own version the bible to justify their own agenda


Its different in Australia. The Liberal Party are the conservatives
The Labor Party is left wing

I am leftist


I prefer to consider myself a 'progressive' and a 'democratic socialist'. I guess if you're being vague and unhelpful, 'liberal' could work too but that is such a catch-all term about left-leaning people.


I am not a Liberal and I am CERTAINLY NOT a Conservative (I am basing this on the model of the British political scene as it presently stands because liberalism and conservativeism may be totally different in other countries), For me, I find the whole political thing to be frustrating even without religious interference and have always thought that the very best form of politics for the entire world would be a combination of Utopian and Communism, not the Communism of the CCCP or any other communist state which represses the people and keeps them deprived whilst the "ELITE" enjoy the good life but a fair system with free elections to a global parliament with representations from every nation on the planet with no hierarchy other than the top (for want of a better word) Minister, a parliament which would be accountable to ALL of the people of the world.
This scenario sounds a bit far fetched I know, mush like in Star Trek with it's UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS, we could have a UNITED FEDERATION OF EARTH, wouldn't that be nice?


Well, I'm a follower of the UK Conservative Party, because I agree with their economic policies, but in terms of social policies, the UK right wing is further left than the American left wing. So I guess you'd call me a Liberal by your standards, but most of the things for which the Liberals fight are already accepted in the UK. Gay marriage, freedom of and from religion, racial equality etc aren't even debated issues in the UK anymore, so there's no real point in advocating them.

Following the UK Conservative party is not something that you want to be shouting about in a public forum given that Theresa May and her government are more hated now than ever before and that there is a strong likelihood that her party will fall, it will only take losing a couple of bi elections and the Conservative government will be out of power due to not having the necessary majority, it will force a new general election which the Conservatives wouldn't have a chance of winning, they have alienated too many people, that is why party members are leaving in droves and joining other parties, I suggest that you consider likewise, unless of course their economic policies mean that you pay no tax and benefit in some way from the austerity measures imposed on the rest of us in which case, what I have just written will go right over your head.

@meister268 Well, I must say, that is one of the longest sentences I've ever seen, and one of the emptiest. Far from being a tax evader, I'm a university student, and while it's a pain to have to pay tuition fees, it's a necessary evil for the good of the country. Corbyn would be an unmitigated disaster. He's an excellent leader of the opposition, but if he were Prime Minister, his economic policies would spell doom for UK recovery; the Conservatives put forward the idea of living within our means. So far, this is working out fairly well for us. Budgets are a bit tight, but the deficit is gradually being narrowed, and since what we definitely don't want is a spiralling debt problem like that of Zimbabwe or the USA, this can only be described as a good thing. Corbyn would trade short term benefits for a long term increase in debt and the financial burden already on our country.

@JosephHarrison really don't believe you, what planet are you on? As a truck driver, working an average 68 hour week, I still struggle to meet my financial commitments and that is with a monthly mortgage payment of less than £180.00. My struggle is with fuel and energy costs, the cost of food and never being able to afford a holiday, the last holiday that I had was in 2001 when I had 10 days in France. Okay, I know that the Tories didn't come to power until 2010 but the Tories have done more damage tom the UK economy as far as the ordinary citizen is concerned than Labour did under Blair or Brown, the only people who have benefited from the Tories are Tory supporters and big business so really, I take umbrage at your remark.

@meister268 Really? What the Conservatives did was sensible, they limited our spending so that we wouldn't be crippled by a massive deficit. Yeah, everyone's feeling the squeeze, but the alternative would be much worse.


I prefer the more global term "progressives" rather than the American term "Liberals" but I know what you mean. I'd expect a backlash from some of the more conservative folk here though, including some Trump admirers, so be ready for that.


Most seem to be liberal minded people with a social conscience not to much of an unlikely thing considering that so many also profess to be humanists.

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