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I've always considered the word "heathen" as an insult... I've noticed a lot of people here call themselves heathen. So, I had to look it up...cause that's what I do.

Oft times used as an insult by Christians against people who don’t worship their god. They tend to confuse Atheism, Paganism and Heathenism. Atheism is of course a lack of belief in any gods. Paganism is an umbrella term for many polytheistic non-Abrahamic religions. Whereas a heathen is one who practices the pre-Christian religion of the ancient Germanic people. They worship the Germanic and Norse gods and goddess’.

Heathens are hard polytheists, meaning they believe each god and goddess is a real and distinct individual not an aspect or archetype of a greater being. Besides the major gods spoken of in the lore, there are also local gods, ancestral spirits, and various sorts of wights. To a heathen reading and understanding one’s heritage is very important, this is why there is such a heavy emphasis placed on reading the sagas. Heathens take their religion very seriously.

helionoftroy 7 July 27

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I am German, with Danish viking blood. Heathen was always my preferred name to call myself when True Believers questioned me. I used to stand in the heather breathing in the scent . My tattoos are all of Norse mythology. They are stories of my history. I worship nothing and no one, never have.

You like the name heretic? Good for you! Most of them died a heroic death on the fire.


You may find this interesting, @bigwavedave. You like to use the word Heathen to describe yourself. Are you from German decent?

Lol indeed


Heathen, Infidel, Heretic - I would call myself all of them and smile because it's fun using their terms to represent ourselves and show they are nothing to take seriously.


I can't use the word Heretic because that is a direct word from the book of lies. I just say Agnostic if someone decides to probe further I say unbeliever or non believer.

azzow2 Level 9 July 27, 2018

Heretic has a nice ring to it.

@NerdyOkieDude Heretic is easier to spell. ☺


So, it turns out I am not a heathen after all! Thank you for clearing that up. I am probably still a heretic and an apostate.


Yes, Odin was my favorite when I was learning about the ancient gods.


I am a proud Heretic!


I like the sound of Heretic...if that is the correct spelling.

spelled correctly. So I googled: Heretic: [] and Heresy: [] and we are!!


Oh good.. It's a pretty word..but I always associate heretic..and heresy with the unfortunate odour of burning flesh..not a pleasant image either..but that is what they do to apostates like us..or at least did do in medieval times..??

@Hitchens Yeah, I know. Burning flesh is a real drag. Life was not kind to you when you went against the power of the establishment.


True..these days they are happy for us to take a ticket and wait for the professionals to do it in Hell...but it will be a cold day in Hell when that happens! ??

@Hitchens That's how I view the word Heretic, but I actually like it better than Heathen.


Yea Heretic sounds...sort of rebellious..wheras Heathen sounds thuggish.. IMO

@Hitchens Heretics were tru believers. Look up Jan Huss, Menno Simmons. They believed in a different way to do christianity and were not popular with the catholic. Rebels, yes, and true believers.


I'll go on the Google and have a look. Interesting..thanks Spin.

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