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January 20, 2018

Who is going to be out there?

sassygirl3869 9 Jan 10

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I will not help Pence increase theocracy in America. ....this idiotic incompetent drive bringing TrumpOLINI up on charges for conviction in the Senate removed from office is like marching on the Vatican to get a 3rd pope in office. ....Cardinals are not going to shoot themselves in their feet nor make the vice president President


I was out last year,and I will be out in his year and every year until this junta falls.


ME! And my friends. I went last year even though I was sick as a dog. Normally I know better, but it was worth it going to,with a fever and runny nose. It's the Women's March in Los Angeles, but it's inclusive of getting rid of sexual predators. Regardless of the color of the house they reside in.

Yes Pussy Grabber IN CHIEF TrumpOLINI is a misogynistic mega thief theocrat war criminal but Pence will be a worse theocrat escalating xian repression of women. is a pipe dream to think Republicans will betray their party leader. ...Nixon resigned facing a veto proof Congress Clinton was acquitted in the Senate by the majority Democrats like him giving him a pass for perjury against Paula Jones because he did demand she suck his penis when Governor of Arkansas and she worked for the highway department and Clinton called her to his hotel room

@GreenAtheist nauseating


Lol...why you buy those..

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