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Just a thought...

If sinners are forgiven according to Christianity...then why is there a HELL?

MariaG 3 Jan 10

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It's my understanding that God would forgive a person who ends up repenting for their sins, but Hell would be for those who don't repent, and refuse to acknowledge what they did was wrong.

For my own personal understanding of a heaven and hell, it would be simply natural consequences. When I acknowledge a wrong I've done, I no longer feel the guilt (hell) eating at me.


They think HELL is for everyone who doesn't drink their Koolade.


WHY would you reject one part of the BS and continue to worry about another aspect of it?!


Beats me


Calm down, there’s no hell.
If Helsinki then does Heavenfloaty.


Just like all the other contradictions in the bible.


Because people aren't comfortable that everyone dies but they don't like everyone around them. So heaven, hell, purgatory... Hades, it wasn't always good/bad just where the dead is. Also if you don't sin Jesus died for nothing.


IT'S all a load of bull so why care..


Thou shall not kill...
Initiating Program... Flood 40/40
Oops, my bad...


I guess it is supposed to be incentive to confess sins and seek absolution. All confession does is make a person feel like what they did wasn't really all tht bad and make a person feel like a good person even if they sin all the time and are really nasty little shits.


For those that don't accept Jesus Christ as their savior. He's narcissistic like that lol

You can reek all the havoc your heart desires, as long as you love him.


because god forgives but never forgets!

Good one!


Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.


Yeah, I remember when I was first having babies, a friend lost her baby and was told by some wackjob that her baby would go to hell because it died before it could be baptized. That wackjob should have been drawn and quartered, what needless torment to do to a vulnerable person.

What an asshole!


To burn all the people who don't agree with them. Murder and rape your whole life, but accept Jesus as your personal saviour on your death bed, go to heaven. Live a kind and good life, but don't believe what can not be proven, face torture for eternity.

And warm weather


The whole of christianity is a mass of contradictions. That's just another of them.

Ain't that the truth


Because some people don't ask for forgiveness, or their sin is so overwhelming that they cannot be forgiven, depending on which teaching you look at. For catholics there are mortal sins and venial sins. For Protestants the ultimate sin is to blaspheme God. Don't remember which is which or what the details are anymore.


For lawyers, politicians and all the clergy.

Betty Level 7 Jan 10, 2018

I like my lawyer lol




For those who die before the forgiving take place.

Do you need to be forgiven for living?

@Betty Hope not. I been living without a forgiven pass.


Living life without intentionally doing harm needs no forgiveness. 🙂

@Betty That is how I see it too Boo.... I am clean then.


Oh! What a relief. 😛

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