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Questions that go through my mind when I hurt...what if, after all these decades of removing it, the appendix is THE vital organ needed for the next step in human evolution? Are those of us that still have theirs the direct predecessors to a more-advanced human being?

PeppermintDreads 7 Jan 11

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If you are leaning towards that idea for the end you should live it up now and enjoy this life every fucking minute as long as it may last!! Well and um like with a partner you love in a place you love!!


"Single Parenting" has been practiced for centuries , if not millennia . I don't really think Jesus existed , but Mary impregnating herself is the only valid theory I would entertain , making said tentative individual an evolutionary potential . If amputation is what was necessary for hormonal level control , the androgynous usually elect to have one of each removed . Unfortunately , this almost always results in chronic depression , I'm a "bobcat" myself , it's no picnic . Otherwise , an electron microscope is possible , but expensive .

Dougy Level 7 Jan 15, 2018

Well, we're always changing/evolving, and since it might be involved in digestion ( [], it probably depends on how we and our descendants treat our gut.

My guess is since there is a huge disparity in access to "clean" foods, those that have to deal more with parasites/bactieria/etc. will have more use out of an appendix than, say, a middle-class American.


Oh, know my foreskin yikes. I could always become a jew I guess or are they missing something lol?


Still have my appendix LOL.


Oh my, I have had 16 surgeries including some serious shit and have a cadaver part implanted in me, Artificial shoulders and hip and still feel me all the time. It has no outcome on your death what so ever, Your tail bone is still there as well as your gills now evolved .

EMC2 Level 8 Jan 11, 2018

Evolution of digestive organs possibly including other functions besides food intake is not known to be heavily researched about the appendix....the word itself means attachment AND little thing on the colon. ? Maybe there prEyers are sent and received by the alleged creator or maybe was snapped off during Adham alleged rib removal to shape shift it into all women since 4004 BCE ????


Evolution doesn't work that way. As been shown, you still carry the genes to pass on. And if whatever it is about the appendix that makes it vital hasn't yet to expressed itself, there's no reason for it to change beyond random mutation. The only real impact is if a lot of children have it removed before they reach child bearing age.

godef Level 7 Jan 11, 2018

@godef My daughter had hers removed when she was 8. Does that mean her descendents have less of a chance to have an appendix or full one?

@EllenDale It's still in her genetic makeup. I think I may have overthought the pre-childbearing point; the deal there is that if someone DIES before childbearing age, they do not pass along good or bad genes.


Humans are born with appendices. because yours is surgically removed doesn’t change your dna or keep your offspring from being born with appendices. I think it’s all safe.


I've had thoughts similar to this, however, my thoughts are more, if I don't need these primal organs, maybe I'm more advanced. I've read many things like "if you have this you're rare" including a hole in the top of the ear, a tendon in the wrist though to assist in climbing, etc. Even our head shape is changing, supposedly. If we're evolving to the point we no longer need these once vital parts, then maybe we are the next step.


It doesn't matter. It's in your genetic code even if it was removed... Feel better. 🙂



Hope you get some answers here.

Chiari pain I am told is inside skull neck spine? ???? If pain is abdominal I hope good thoracic experts will help you

Vood read, thx.

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