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I had thought that silencers were illegal because they were quite and you could kill and not be heard. Now I know they are illegal because they distort the ballistics of the bullets. That would explain the surge in silencers sales.

azzow2 9 Jan 11

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Although I can find no way to justify the level of gun craziness in the US, I am not against guns themselves. However, I can find no reason to having a magazine that holds more than, say, 10 rounds. Bump stocks are stupid. For hunting and target use, semiautomatic weapons make no sense at all, except in hunting and the hunter is a really really bad shot. That said, the fight over suppressors is pretty silly in most cases because they don't suppress the sound of the weapon all that much until you get down to small bore and subsonic ammo.


Do not remember where I found it but there was a guide years back that showed home made silencers one included shooting through a bottle of liquid, butting padding inside a 2 liter soda bottle, some people were making like clay tubes that would be a one time use this was 35 years ago.


They are not universally illegal. In the U.S. in some states/places they are legal.


Guns are evil to me pure and simple, however why do they allow the sale of silencers? What is their intentional purpose? Anything beneficial about them?

They were originally made for hunting but as we all know people find miss uses for everything.

There many ways to make them a pipe with cotton a rubber garden hose soda bottle other ways do not know them all.


The amount of sound suppression is quite negligible.


Well hell... i never heard that one. Sounds interesting.


If you call them suppressors, it doesn't give quite the same impression...


As a Canadian and a gun owner I find the idea of selling silencers insane. They service no purpose but to turn a dangerous tool into a murder weapon.

@Bam85 , are you a completion shooter? I can think of no other reason to spend a day at the range is there one? When I sight in my rifles I fire 3 or 4 shots to accomplish this if I am doing more than one I wear ear plugs and ear muffs don't lose much hearing that way.


I call all this gun porn but it is just me not liking guns. Never mind my dislike.


Modern suppressors properly fitted should not cause any bullet contact (distortion of ballistics) - just a slowing down of gas velocity giving sound attenuation

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