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Neoliberalism, how we got into this mess. []

Druvius 8 Jan 11

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Unfortunately it permeates the very fabric of our (UK) society. Big business owns the media and sells the benefits of competition to the politically illiterate and compares the 'austerity' of countries to the housekeeping finances of the family home. Make those with no power either think they can make a difference or marginalise them so much that they no longer bother to vote.

Even traditional left wing parties are right of centre and perpetuate the myth that they are socialists - hence the attempt by those in the labour party's attempts to discredit Corbyn as he is too left wing and would never get votes....

Hopefully his success might be the impetus to get the young and disenfranchised to vote and actually start to make a difference.

And all my pigs have been refuelled and are ready for take-off..........


Excellent. This is the ideology that has contaminated and corrupted politics, economics, social policy for nearly 40 years. The worst of it is, the political parties on the left cannot free themselves from it and cling to its myths, and wonder why they are so unpopular. Putting on my historian hat, NL will be damned by the judgement of history. I have said before that this ideology has allowed a global weaponised capitalism to evolve, with all of the problems we can see every day.

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