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I'm not sure which disturbed me the most today: Watching Sarah Huckabee Sanders praise Wal-Mart for raising their starting wage to $11 on the same day when Wal-Mart Corporation closed 63 Sam's Club stores with no warning resulting in hundreds of people losing their jobs, hearing that Trump openly referred to Haiti and Africa as "shithole" countries and saying he wants more immigrants from places like Norway (like people from Norway are lining up to give up universal healthcare, great education systems, and peaceful living in favor of being shot at by crazy Americans who then will deny them health coverage if they can't afford to pay for it,) or Kellyanne Conway implying that she and Trump were not aware that there are rivers and mountains in the way of their wall! Because nobody has TOTALLY ever crossed a river, say a Rubicon for example, to the destruction of a republic before!

MsOliver 7 Jan 11

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Check Democracy@work/ Dr. RD Wolff


Thanks for pointing all that out. It's just terrible whats going on right now. Its steadily is getting worse and I'm just nervous about the next big oh oh he's going to say or do.


People should be building campaigns against all incumbent Congressmembers to solve the whole problem. ...2018 is time to drain the swamp not put misogynistic criminal theocrat Pence in White House replacing convict TrumpOLINI


So Trump doesn't know who the dreamers are. He wants all of America's kids to be dreamers!


Sometimes I'm relieved to go to work so I can be out of touch for a few hours. And then I come back to and we've slipped even further down the slippery slope. Jeebus.


The Walmart heirs are as disgraceful as a human being can possibly be. They are numbers 2 through 6 every year on the Forbes "most richest people" list. They don't owe anything to any board of directors, investors, banks, etc... so closing 63 Sam's Clubs is an act of pure greed and spite to show the rest of the country that they are in charge. Motherfuckers need to be strangled in front of their children and grand-children... bastards.

Fryan Level 5 Jan 11, 2018

All of the above is absolutely disgraceful, and so embarrassing as an American citizen.


I know at least one person from America who lives in Norway!


I like watching morning Joe just to witness all of the crew insult Trump and his toadies. Tomorrow should be fun.


& the hits keep on comin'! Less said about Wal-Mart, the better. That's a diatribe in & of itself. As for Drumpf & his toadies being idiots, par for the course.


So one of the sure signs of the time change is this... back in the 60's when a company or business pulled something like this people simply stopped using them.. Friends if you still shop at places like Wal-mart you are telling them that their bullshit is ok..

@PhitDoctor50 I do my best to avoid it.. I think the last time I shopped there was about 4-5 months ago. Going there is one of my biggest dis-likes.. Too many people and even though they have like 20 registers, at any given time its like only 2 of em are ever open.

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