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Who else is excited about the coming of legal weed in so many places (and getting annoyed with Sessions)?

I just moved Texas to New Jersey. Next door Massachusetts will be opening retail recreational shops in June. I could drive to to Washington D.C. even today. Our nations capital, how amazing is that? And my new Governor has promised to legal in New Jersey in his first 100 days. (I wonder if Sessions is going to screw that up, too)

Now, the wait. But, it seems like the tide has turned. We're hitting that same kind of tipping point where there was no use resisting gay marriage. Seems like a national change is inevitable.

Congrats to all of you Rocky Mountain and West coast folks that are leading the way.

ScottAHurst 6 Jan 11

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I hope it finally goes through in NJ soon and I don't even smoke anymore


Ain't it a beautiful thing. I don't believe they can stop the momentum.


3 weeks ago, I drove to Washington DC and bought LEGALLY in our nation's capital. How fucking cool is that? Legal weed in DC, I would have never thought I'd live to see the day.

That brings up the shitty part about moving across country. I'll be going back to DC tomorrow as I have no local options. Eight hours round trip and the prices aren't that great. But the quality was definitely where it should be for the price.


It would be interesting here in CA to see cannabis shops open up in Walmarts, like they have Burger Kings now..

We now have UberEats and such services. UberWeed is service we need nationwide.


Live in NH where I have appled for the medical Cannabis Program. We don't have recreational yet but MA, VT and ME do. Jeff Sessions is being sued by Colorado-maybe CA next.


I do not indulge,I do have several newage pharmaceutical stock so cannabis becoming legal bring it on.


I'm curious as to how this would impact work related drug testing.

Fortunately, few companies test beyond hiring date. But it is definitely a concern. Of course a change at the Federal level would resolve all.


I'm excited; I'm not much of a weed smoker, but the very idea of legalization is progression.

I don't think my lungs would be able to take smoke - I'd be more open to brownies or cookies! 🙂

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