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Blind people

When someone who is blind from birth, what do they "see" when they dream?

HarryGoodQi 3 Jan 11

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Being legally (partially) blind myself (from age 29), I have met a lot of blind people, but have never thought to ask. I would suspect that their "dreams" are not visual, but are based in the other senses.


[] dreams-do-they-see-in-color/12

These are comments from blind students about dreaming.


I would think that they could invent object through other senses. Sort of what we call synaesthesia.


That is a great question. Does your mind invent images according to the sounds you encounter or since there is not visual reference, does the mind not create images....


If someone has been blind since birth they only hear things in their dreams. Though if they have lost sight halfway through life they do dream as we do.

Sacha Level 7 Jan 12, 2018

what if there blind and deaf?

@LeighShelton This is a good question!

@LeighShelton google knows the answer [] I dream of feeling senses

cool great answer thank you

me too as it goes

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