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Opinion on Modern Horror

What is your take on horror in this day and age? Personally, I feel like it relies far too heavily on cheap jumpscares and manipulating the audience. Yes, there are a few exceptions like Crimson Peak, Get Out, Don't Breathe in my opinion, but there are MANY more that reply on the aforementioned trope. Either that, or the movie itself has an interesting premise that falls apart because of terrible execution and absurd predictability, like The Visit for example.

Lugo1993 4 Jan 12

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Being startled isn't scary, its more nerve-wracking. Too many horror movies use this tired cliche.

The tendency to use extreme violence and gore seems predominant in many modern horror movies. I also don't find this scary. Its just gross and stomach-turning.

Very few horror movies are truly scary. For me, the ones that I usually find unnerving are those that have are realistic and rely more on tension and plot to be scary. A few good examples of some of the better horror movies (in my opinion) are the original Halloween, the first Saw movie, Misery, and Seven.

Then there's the fun horror movies and action-horror movies. These are the movies that aren't really all that scary but fall into the horror category such as Zombieland, Happy Death Day, Alien, It, The Fly, and 30 Days of Night.



Gohan Level 7 Jan 12, 2018

There's a load of rubbish about at the moment, but on the other hand at least three of the (IMO) best horror films of all time have been made in the last few years - It Follows, Let The Right One In and (the truly remarkable) The Babadook.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 12, 2018

+1 for The Babadook. But I'm biased 'coz I'm a Sydneysider.

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