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LINK Trump’s Boast About Getting Remains From Korea is Collapsing

This was my first thought when they talked about sending back remains.

Crimson67 8 Aug 1

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I don't mean any disrespect to these combat casualties or those from any other wars. But war is hell and bodies disappear, are buried in the field of combat, in the case of airmen, obliterated by fire and impact. For those take prisoner, many don't survive long and are disposed of by cremation or burial in unmarked graves. I understand for loved ones and family of those lost at war, the thought of not being certain their loved one actually died or not having an actual body to bury, a scrap of some kind to hold onto it traumatic. But this is how war works. They still, from time to time, discover bodies in the fields of Gettysburg and I am sure other Civil War battlefields. Bodies often work their way to the surface all over Europe from the many wars fought over there. If these remains are never found in areas where we won the battles, they are our allies, there was full access to the grounds, what are the chances that an enemy, closed society like North Korea, would have any real interest in preserving remains for more than half a century? The Vietnamese have been helpful in repatriating a certain amount of remains, but that is a much more recent war. And there are still hundreds if not thousands missing. For Kim and Trump, neither of whom have put their lives on the line in combat to use these remains as political fodder is both loathum and a show for those who have suffered the most. Again, I feel bad for those who never got to say goodbye to a loved one missing or killed in action, but I would be amazed that the containers being sent over from Korea contain actually US soldiers remains. Kim kills enough of his own citizens on a regular basis to fill planes full of boxes of bones.


It makes me sad to think there are so many incredibly naive and gullible people in this country - willing to believe that N. Korea has simply put aside 60 years of hatred towards us and is now going to dismantle their nuclear capabilities.....all because tRump gave KJU the opportunity to stand next to him on the world stage - as an equal???? He gave them the status and recognition they've wanted for a really long time....and they gave us crumbs - dismanteling one site that in all likelihood was scheduled to be dismanteled anyway, sending back remains that will take years to identify. In the meantime, the gloating and boasting goes on non-stop and his adoring base doesn't question ANYTHING he says. SMH.


What a surprise! I am speechless with disbelief that he would make a promise he cannot keep.....again

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