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What thing do you really wish you could buy right now?

That thing that makes you say UGH! If only I had/could do.

AmiSue 8 Aug 2

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A new president

This comment wins!

Presidents can't be bought, surely...


I want a farm big enough to raise everything my family eats. I imagine my housewarming invitations saying "Brent & Jen have finally bought the farm, come celebrate with us!"


Jeff Session’s silence.


A house.


some new Converse All Stars would be nice I've got a blowout in this pair. A real honest-to-goodness Chicago style pizza would be good. a 3D printer might be fun. An Island where it's not too hot.

@AmiSue I remember mom paying $8 at Agee's Sporting Goods for them when I was playing peewee basketball. bright orange ones. ?


Breakfast for everyone.

Salo Level 7 Aug 3, 2018

A roof for my local VFW. The funds are tight and it will need to be replaced soon.


A new disc for my L4-L5 joint.

oh me too man I want my 40 yo back back

I had to have that disc removed. I don't miss that traitorous thing. It wreaked havoc on my root nerve, it'll never be the same.


The time I wasted on the myself and others. I love who I am now. I just wish I had the opportunities I once had with this frame of mind. As the old saying goes "youth is wasted on the young" lol! But if it had to be something tangible, I'd buy a Harvard education or I'd pay for a Harvard education in Bio-Chemistry


A pizza.

Think I might order one to pick up on my way home tonight. Yum!

I would offer to pick us up a pizza and tell you your eyes are pretty, but I know you're now into online dating. ??

@JeffB For a pizza, I might be willing to listen to you lie to me.
Until I'm done eating. 😉


A home in Vermont for a friend...


Canadian citizenship. Or New Zealand.


A 2 week trip to Australia! That's my dream vacation.

I'm not sure 2 weeks would be enough!

That's a fair point. I want to explore damn near the entire island. Shark cage diving with great whites, seeing the crocodiles in Kakadu National Park and visiting the Australia Zoo are 3 MUSTS for me.


Since you guys insist a tiny island a quarter mile square, Beach all around it, some palm trees, a hut. A local woman that could harpoon fish. No tourist.


The winning lottery I could start my own company for rpg designing.


Real - a camper/hearse to convert. Or a workshop
Unreal - a time machine


Ice cream




Bangs and a comb to go with them.



I'm in the same boat, just waiting for the Judge to send my disability letter then the backpay. Dentures will be the first thing bought.


Love, but...


Three more houses in my neighborhood....for a total of 6. There is a local bar just 4 blocks away that the owner is retiring.....I'd like to have it too. 🙂

@AmiSue working on it 🙂 Trying to get a little empire going!


A foreclosure in my area that I could completely renovate my way.

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