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Hello work in Gettysburg doing transition to work, at a rescue mission and everyone here is A Christian Believer. It's all good n fine, however I feel as if I don't

1enchanted7 3 Jan 12

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I’m in the same shoes except iv been there for 6 years. It’s ok to bide your time and grow on them, then as they start to like you you can open up a bit. It probably helped that I was a believer until ~2 years ago. I know they mean well, just lost and still being inadvertently lied to by their loved ones and their other company, been able to start the gears turning in some of their heads as well.

Thanks for your comment. I guess I feel different because I'm not a believer and none of my co-workers know I'm an athiest....and there's a lot of god bless comments and not opposed to helping people ever ....i just don't believe god is real


so stake your claim on all your secular clients. we have secular chaplains and many people need their services to face life's challenges. you may be surprised how many will opt for your take. after all alot of the people who land up in your shelter have been cast aside by your prevailing society

I don't feel a need to announce to my co-workers workers, I'm an athiesr...i just do my job and socialize with them in my own way...they do a great job at helping people and it is a thriving business


Gee I wonder why?


Helping people is good for self esteem. Does not matter what their influences are. I have live all across Pennsylvania Erie, Monroeville and Allentown moved away in 2001 do not miss the weather, I do have many good friends there.

Yes, I to do not do well in the icy cold weather in PA.... I soon want to move possibly to AZ


Well I hope you get thanked as much as God because we know who is doing the work!

jeffy Level 7 Jan 12, 2018

Why wouldn't you belong? If it was all men, teens, or gay would you feel as if you don't belong? As long as it is not a requirement of the job that you be a believer then you belong.

Betty Level 7 Jan 12, 2018

That's an interesting view you have...i was placed to work there because I suffered a broken wrist at my truck driving job...where they require injured workers to continue working in a light duty's way different from my regular job duties where I'm pretty isolated and not exposed to people with such religious beliefs...thank you for your commeny


Well you do belong, your simply wiser than the god botherers.

Yes I do actually's way different from my normal truck driving position where I'm generally isolated from people...and being placed to work at a non-profit organization is such a different environment for me....thank you for your comment



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