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A lesson in humility

"The truth is that your brain lies to you. Inside your skull is a vast and far-reaching personal conspiracy to keep you from uncovering the facts about who you actually are, how capable you tend to be, and how confident you deserve to feel. That undeserved confidence alters your behaviour and creates a giant, easily opened back door through which waltz con artists, public relations employees, advertising executives, pseudoscientists, peddlers of magical charms, and others." – David McRaney


AMGT 8 Jan 12

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As diligent as I try to be, there are times I'm caught off-guard.

Want to kick myself when it happens.


And that is why critical thought and personal reflection is critical.


Are the persuaded victims of the persuader or are they co-actors in the crime? 'Tis a question that dates back millenia (see Encomium of Helen).

Well, if you give your purchased gift card number to a con man... it is a "victim assisted crime" and you just played yourself out of luck and money. And nobody can help you anymore.


ie people believe what they want to believe, Wizards first rule "People are stupid. They will believe a lie because they want to believe it's true, or because they are afraid it might be true"


possibly when you are young as you have to learn " the game" but once learnt I disagree with his premise


The internet only magnifies this.
There are seemingly endless ways to get scammed online now.


my back door has shrunk by a vast amount. did that come out right?

no, i don't think you should lol


No one here ever read Piaget ? Brains nerves fingers tongues noses eyes ears store memories. ...we're born with heart sound echoes in our heads and lips ready to suck lactate. ....personality learning language emotions grow according to diet habitat & nutrance. ...some of us took charge of our brains teaching ourselves to read from the adult world looking down on us like pets FAILED TO FILL MY BRAIN with Easter boy bunnies laying candy eggs on dogshit lawns Santa and virgins birthing alleged baby gods. ....every Atheist here either inherited freedom from the dishonest culture or freed themselves from theocratic brainwashing. ....good job comrades we are free here to BE

NURTURANCE gawdamn SPELCHEK has nothing to do with nuts above


I have that problem with booze. I will go for a year or two W/O a drop, and not really missing it, and I"ll be dammed if at some get together if I don't convince my self to have a couple drinks. That really isn't the problem. It gets bad because I tell myself the next day or so "that wasn't so bad so maybe I can drink". This destructive thinking goes on and on, and pretty soon I am back to being a mostly friendly Drunk.

I won't go to AA because it is like another religion, and I can quit. This time I am 2 months sober and don't miss it a bit, but I have to say this agnostic group helps. Thus dialog helps keep me sane. I am resolutely saying to myself, that I quit drinking for good. I am not going to let myself fool me again. I can't drink because I don't know how.

Was it good for you? cause it was good for me🙂

Glad you choose sobriety over toxic ethanosis

@GreenAtheist Toxic what🙂


my subconscious mind is being hacked!!!! oh Crap!

@AMGT i totally agree with you! i worked in marketing when i was in college. I know how markets strategically place items in a market to trigger a response in your brain to buy things


That would explain all the crazy dreams.


Our brains deceive us, yes, but it goes both directions. Sometimes I am more capable than I think, and less confident than I deserve to be.


so how do we control our own brain I find it very difficult at times

dc65 Level 7 Jan 12, 2018
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