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Fake News and Russian Propaganda.

Have any members read or watched RT or Sputnik? If so, did you feel that your mind was insidiously taken over so that you were a puppet of foreign manipulators?

Treasurehunter 6 Jan 12

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Jimmy Dore has just interviewed an American Journalist who lives in Russia and works for RT:

I found a 2015 video in which Abby Martin was interviewed by a German news network. She defend RT. Here's a quote from her: "...Its obvious that RT has a bias. It's Russia Today. It's in the name. It's absurd that people think that's some sort of crazy thing. Russia has every right o have a state funded news agency just like every other country does. It's completely insane that people are calling to shut it down..."

She continues by questioning how the internal media would immediately blame Putin's government for anything "crazy" (e.g. imprisonment, assassination, etc. of political opponents) that happens in Russia - within hours of it happening. She questions the validity of proof, if any, the media would have in that short amount of time.

I suppose the video is from 2015. She may have changed her views since.

Here's Abby Martin's video. At about the 4m20s mark is where she defends RT:

I'm still undecided about RT. As per my previous post, it is mainly because they never have any story that challenges Russia - even if the rest of their content looks well researched and true.

I do not look to RT nor Sputnik for the dirt on Russia. I would watch BBC for that. But there is a tab on RT for Russian politics [] . To be honest I am not that interested in internal politics of Russia. They do not pretend to be lenient on their criminals but they stopped the death penalty. Maybe being a member of the Council of Europe helped.

From time to time Al Jazeera has some good articles or news about Russia.


I watch a number of people on their program. I find the Russian rhetoric to be an insult to the ability of humans to be able to recognize when we are being brain washed into voting a certain way. But then I witness so many people actually buying into the rhetoric which sends me into mass confusion. That's when I tell myself, humans suck. We're fucked! Managed perception is a bitch.

Who have you watched on those channels? Can you be a little more specific about who is brain washing whom to vote in a particular way? The allegations are about more than one country.

@Treasurehunter Chris Hedges is on there now, Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann, Abby Martin. Although all the Abby Martin shows are retakes of her work I've usually have already seen from following her on facebook or teleSUR. Jesse Ventura is quite interesting. They have a new series now I've been recording called Shadows of Democracy that's interesting. I've caught one so far and have another to watch yet. Going to be 3 documentary type shows.

I'm part of the conspiracy, so I'm often labeled, field that believes that establishment politicians, main stream media, are managing a perception over the population to control what we see and hear, thee illusion. To benefit the deep state that controls these 2 entities. I will argue if you seek information from the likes of some of the people I mentioned above, one will begin to see and understand why people like me fall into this line of theory as you learn truths going on around the world our MSM and politicians will not talk about. Especially 2 like Abby Martin and Chris Hedges. Both of them interviewed Ralph Nader during the election cycle in which they pretty much called how the democratic primary would go down. I believe Chris interviewed him in April before. It was quite chilling how they predicted Sanders would sell out his grassroots base and then watch it happen. Even with all the evidence of the shenanigans throughout the primary cycle and people still vote for Clinton. And then him to turn his back on all of it and support her also. I say that with a heavy heart being I was one of his supporters having been following him for over a decade.

I don't reserve the establishment, deep state, and their cohorts the MSM to only one country! We place this on a global group of elite bankers, large corporations, and market controlling of all the westernized countries. What is going on today has been in the works by the 3 largest bankers on the planet since at least WWI. As 14 westernized countries interfered with the Russian Revolution, out of fear of a socialized nation that could upset their ability to control resources and the industrialization of the planet to their benefit that was about to change everything we knew then. Today we here in the US just have the displeasure of being labeled Thee Empire while all these global entities reap the rewards of colonization and warring going on around us. What has become our strength, in all aspects, is being used to destabilize the world around us and pillage resources abroad. Which are now being turned on us as we are systematically being taken from a strong middle class to slowly resembling those places we have destabilized. We are indeed becoming the next Roman Empire down fall in modern day terms. The only thing protecting us are the 2 large bodies of water on each side of us. That will not last forever. Especially with our biggest enemy working from within out own country.

@William_Mary So the Russian angle is a smokescreen to keep attention away from the real powers that be and their actions.

Interesting that you see parallels between the fall of Rome and western civilisation. I think there are dangers of the "tyranny of democracy" and "bread and circus for the masses".

@Treasurehunter Don't get me wrong on Russia, but yes. I see Russia as just as bad as the rest. I may even be convinced they may be a party of the collusion today also. For all meaningful thought, Putin has a shady list and body count behind him as large as the Clinton and Bush families. And they're just as involved as any entity for gain of resources.


Ya, they're bad. But the US media is even worse. I utilize a mix of BBC, RT and Al Jazeera for my news and do the best I can to filter out the bullshit.


I also try to find a balanced view of what's going on by watching news feeds from multiple sources - including Al Jazeera, RT, France today, BBC and CNN amongst others. Regional news is more difficult.

@Uncorrugated I like to do the same.


They keep trying. Trying to remember the rumor that was flying around back in the 1980's. The strategic tactical defence system. That was when The USSR still existed. They would talk about the lines of people waiting to get a loaf a bread just wonder was there any truth in that propaganda or was it a ploy to get the world to feel sorrow for them to send funds. Was it Clinton that gave them something like a billion dollars of our tax money?

From my visits to Libya, Bulgaria I think it was true. The communist countries economies were in dire mismanagement. Was funding provided to prevent catastrophic collapse and prevent a nuclear power from descending into chaos that we saw in Tunisia, Libya, Iraq, Syria?


I'm a little conflicted with the RT YouTube Channel. I like Redacted Tonight (with Lee Camp) and The Big Picture (before Thomm Hartmann left) - both shows in the RT network. I also liked Abby Martin's articles produced under RT.

But now, I can't say. The U.S. media likes to portray RT as a propaganda channel. And I do believe that a little because I saw hardly any articles from Redacted Tonight and The Big Picture about Russia when the news of the possibility of Trump colluding with Russia started gaining steam last year.

HOWEVER, during the times when I expected RT to have some news about the Trump-Russia collusion, RT had continued to release "progressive" articles that continued to challenge the status quo - as per usual. My take-way from this is that RT may be prohibited from reporting about Russia but is not prohibited from reporting about anything else.

I have stopped watching RT since Hartmann left The Big Picture early last Decemeber.

E.g. A quick search for the word "Russia" in Redacted Tonight's video list will produce no result. I.e. he has no video with the word "Russia" in the title.

However, Lee Camp still attacks Trump's policies. For example Trump's move to allow more oil explorations in U.S. coastal waters.

IF RT is a Russian propaganda channel and IF Russia is in league with the Trump administration, how is RT allowed to release articles that challenge the Trump administration?

A possible answer: Russia is undergoing a "soft war" against other states by sowing mistrust of the media. This is similar to the UK's use of "soft power" to extend their influence through the BBC. Of course, the BBC doesn't sow mistrust in the media. But he two methods are similar - IF all this is true and real that is.

Abby Martin works mainly under teleSUR now. You can find her work also at [] And you can follow her on facebook.

I like Thom Hartmann also, but you have to be careful with him at times. His actions as far as voting don't quite match what he tells you. He's really great on his rants with constitutional issues and knowledge on the libertarian party though. I get him on FSTV. Free Speech.

@William_Mary Thanks for pointer towards an outlet with a South American flavour.

I have seen some programs on RT about that. There have been interviews with the Russian woman that was at the centre of the "meetings".


So I'm honestly wondering what you consider to be "Fake" news. This horrible designation, invented by that Orange Clown Americans elected to be PROTUS, depends very much on your political position. The mainstream media is blind to some things but as far as events which occur within their own "culture" they are a legitimate and informed source.

To me, prime quality of fake news is news that Pres. Trump does not like or agree with. I thought rumours were what some people call fake news. Don't different news organisations have a political slant? Fox is said to be pro-Republican.

@Treasurehunter Fox News pro-Republican?

You don't say? "Do we have a sarcasm tag?"

@marmot84 At least you know where to go to get what you want. 😉

@Treasurehunter FYI I'm more anti-Republican than I am anti-religion and I'm fairly anti - God. Do you watch Faux News?

@marmot84 Seldom do. the style of presentation grates on me.

@Treasurehunter Well at least something you do right. Sorry, we may have gotten off on the wrong foot. You should understand, I'm radically left. I hate Republicans just so that you know.

@marmot84 Thanks for the insight into your political position. According to some political analysis of my attitudes, I am moderately libertarian and left.

@Treasurehunter Well as I age I suppose my views have moved somewhat. If the political spectrum is a 2 Dimensional grid (it isn't) I used to be "Libertarian-Socialist" which is the politically acceptable way to describe the truth which is anarcho-communist. The term anarcho-syndicalist seems to fit me pretty well. I perhaps have moderated just a touch at I turn 60... mostly out seeking realistic solutions in my lifetime.

@marmot84 I think it has been observed that people's political views drift a little towards the right with age. I like observing politics or current events but I have yet to join any demonstrations or sit-ins etc.


I have watched RT for Tom Hartman. I don't think Tom is a propagandist, the Russians just let him say what he wanted to. Not sure if he is still doing that with them or not. I prefer FSTV to RT.

jeffy Level 7 Jan 12, 2018

Unfortunately, Thom Hartmann left his show, The Big Picture, early last December. His daily show has been converted into a weekly show with Holland Cooke. I'm not American, so I don't know who your political commentators are apart from the popular in TV and YouTube. I only know of Hartmann from a YouTube video that he released many years ago and in which he advocated "shop local" to energise the local community.

I stopped watching The Big Picture since Hartmann left.

FORTUNATELY, I just found out now, Hartmann has his own YouTube channel. Search "thommhartmann" in YouTube.

Thank you for bringing my attention to FSTV. Isn't it far more focussed on US rather than international issues?

They cover a wide range of free speech issues. My favorite program is Democracy Now. It is online as well.

@jeffy I do not blame you if you focus on US issues, if they are what you feel relevant to you.

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