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Fake accounts?

I’m fairly new. All the other social sites I’ve been on have their share of fake accounts and scammers. Had any problems?

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PhitDoctor50 7 Jan 12

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For now. More population always brings more problems.


how would I know?


I have only come upon one member preaching to me and he seems to has vanished so, I can say good job guys/gals


I'm pretty new here too, but I've seen no evidence of it. I was on for about a week before the first in a long line of scammers got ahold of me. I used to lead them on sometimes for days - it was easy to figure out that they were scammers. I just had to ask them about a current American event or even a football game. BINGO! They were all from other countries so they had no clue. I really hate having to put up with them!


I didnt vote on this issue because I only joined recently ( last month) but so far have not had any trouble though I do not doubt this site has it's trolls just like any other.


I don't think I've run into any fake into some jerks but that's part of the fun

agnostic jerks?

@ripcurldane I just assume so on this site. Mainly I've run into people that give the impression that because I have a woowoo and they have a winky that means they can where my "place/roll" in the world.


Have not seen any yet, hope that we can keep them at bay here. Is harder to trick realest.



I don't follow your poll exactly. Yes, I've had problems on OTHER sites but never here. I'd change my vote once I realized from the answers that you meant "THIS SITE".


The women have been getting them-they are easy to spot and we report them so Admn deletes them

@PhitDoctor50 lol

@PhitDoctor50 I never get sent any pics by women 😟


I don't follow your poll exactly. Yes, I've had problems on OTHER sites but never here.


We delete one or two per day.

Admin Level 8 Jan 12, 2018

We Love and appreciate Admin!!!

thanks for looking out.

@PhitDoctor50 Good point! There is time investment in this group. I think it's easier to pick up a troll when you are actually seeing people posting and responding in a format where you can glance at their other posts as well. Someone rude or provoking can be found out quickly. (Provoking in the bad way not the thoughtful way). lol

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