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Anyone else love Godzilla?? 🙂

Pooska 6 Jan 12

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I loved shin godzilla. A totally unique godzill movie. Very intelligent and well made.


Heck yes! I grew up on it, except I watched it on Japanese television so it was never in English. lol! Perks of being raised Japanese in America! haha

Sadoi Level 7 Jan 17, 2018

He made many a Saturday mornings for me!

He kept showing up in some of the coolest "cameos" too!

"OH NO!!! There goes Tokyo!!!"


gzbu, which translates to godzilla bless you. i started collecting vhs godzilla flicks years ago, to my surprise there were like over 30 film's at that time, it is still growing, i tossed out the vhs, and am still buying the dvd's to replace them.. i also collect all the related monster films as well, rodan, mothra. gorgon. , and ultra man. so thats a yes. lol and gamera, i have all of those on dvd.


Who would win in a fight, Superman or Godzilla?!?

Godzilla.....suoerman is dumb... yeah I said it... dumb

Ahhh! So mean! Lol @Pooska

Godzilla, especially after he is equipped with a nice Kryptonite amulet!

"Oooh noo! There goes Tokyo! Go, Go Godzilla!" haha


The chap in the rubber suit just died (RIP). I wonder if he electrocuted himself on one of those electric cable towers.


I love Godzilla but its more of a platonic love rather than romantic. But I've never really felt that Godzilla loves me back, even as a friend. I think that our differences might be too great for our relationship to continue. He just seems too self-absorbed in his own interests and all the really wants to talk about is destroying Tokyo and fighting other monsters. He never lets me talk about myself or shows any interest in my life. Also, he stepped on my house and didn't even apologize.


Hell yeah

jeffy Level 7 Jan 13, 2018

I love Godzilla


hate it lol


Only those that have an actor in a rubber suit are worth watching, a real Godzilla movie does not require CGI only a sense of humour.


Hell yes! I Love many Godzilla movies.


No, god mating with lizards not my cup of tea.


Used to love watching the old ones weekend mornings on TV. Like most others here haven't liked any of reboots. 'Pacific Rim' is the closest any recent movies have come to the original Japanese monster movies. Haven't seen the second 'Pacific Rim'.

have they made and put out the second pacific rim?

@MichaelSpinler 'Pacific Rim: Uprising' with John Boyega playing Idris Elba's grown son. If you watch it let me know what you think. Still haven't seen it.

i will look for it, i didnt know it was out yet.


Yes. Godzilla VS. Monster Zero was one of my favorites. Godzilla and Mothra team up to fight Ghidorah. Although it's called something else on IMDB.


The way I see it, Godzilla reflects how the Japanese see the United States. When the original came out in 1954, the destruction wrought on Tokyo by the monster was clearly a reference to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. By the 1960's, memories of WW2 had given way to Cold War realities, and, in those films, Godzilla became a protector of Japan from a host of other creatures bent on devastation ( representing USSR, China, North Korea, etc).

That's why the Hollywood reboots don't work. The original meaning is gone.

You made that way heavier than I ever thought Godzilla could be..... 🙂

I don't care to add hidden meanings to the greatest monster movies of all time. Monsters doing martial arts moves is more than enough for me.


The old school was the best when the voices never matched and the giant turtle would fly around.

Gamera was the flying turtle. I've always had a soft spot for Mothra and Rodan, myself.

@KKGator Has been many years thank you for the name could not recall it.

@azzow2 You are most welcome. Happy to oblige.

@KKGator when I was in my teens lived in California the loca! college Goldenwest community college would put marathons on of those old martial arts movies that the voice never matched they must have had the same directors.

@azzow2 The Golden Age of Hong Kong.

@KKGator don't forget the little singing girls that followed Mothra around!

@KKGator 2 nickels to ride the bus dime to watch Godzilla Rodan Mothra 3 Stooges old newsreels and Bugs Bunny cartoons KIDS DAY Saturday RKO ORPHEUM 15 cent bucket of popcorn real freedom 1961 Des Moines Iowa electric Street cars


The original Toho productions only.


i like the originals....All the reboots suck

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